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Information & Communications Technology

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Oslo, Norway

Magnus Goksöyr

Microsoft MVP, Office Apps & Services | M365 Solution Architect

Lives in Sweden, works in Norway. Over 20 years of experience in the IT industry. Started with Lotus Notes but has worked exclusively with Microsoft technologies since 2006.
Genuinely passionate about, and motivated by sharing my knowledge to customers, colleagues and the Microsoft Community.
Sessions can be held in Norwegian, Swedish and English (blog) (company) ( (Microsoft Tech Community)

Current sessions

Here's how to secure the information in Microsoft Teams

Global and team-specific settings, Management of guest settings, Document-level security, Data Loss Prevention, Classification, Encryption and a lot more. The toolbox and its capabilities are great but do you know what you can and should use for what (and when)? After watching this session, you hopefully have a clearer picture of your opportunities to secure your Teams properly.

Building a Governance Center in 50 minutes

You have probably seen the theoretical part of Office 365 Governance before in some of all the blog posts and presentations that Magnus has produced on this topic. During this session he takes it a step further and you get to see a live demo where he hands on shows how to quickly set up and customize a Microsoft Team to support the organization's documentation requirements and the change management process for the various applications and services in Office 365.

TeamsFest 2020: Session "Microsoft Teams is only part of an implementation of Microsoft Teams"

What is needed to create success? There are many good tips and theories about what it takes to succeed in implementing Microsoft Teams in an organization. Nevertheless, not all implementations have the desired effect. In this session you will learn more about the basic organizational and technical conditions that must be in place

TeamsFest is a 1 day virtual event run by the European Teams User Group which will be held on Wednesday 1st April, 8am – 5.30pm GMT. It is designed to share and democratise Teams knowledge, for free, to anyone with an interest in Teams – but we would also like to think of it as being particularly aimed at those who cannot afford or are limited to attending an event in person

Past and future events

ExpertsLive Norway 2021

26 May 2021
Oslo, Norway

TeamsFest | October 2020

6 Oct 2020

Skill NextLevel 2019

Skill ( holds its major annual information event where both internal and external speakers hold sessions where they talk about trends and technology and present / show how to use available (and coming) technology to optimize their organization and business.
In the session "Everyone loves Microsoft Teams (when implemented properly)" Magnus talks about the planning and preparation needed before rolling out Microsoft Teams to an organization. Here you will learn what you need to think about (and what you should avoid doing) to ensure success.
24 Oct 2019
Oslo, Norway

Oktoberfest: European Teams UG Virtual Summit

Session: "How to use Microsoft Teams to simplify Office 365 Governance"
16 Oct 2019

NextLevel 2018

Speaking about whats "New and hot in Office 365".
18 Oct 2018
Oslo, Norway

Skill NextLevel 2018

- Whats new and Hot in Office 365
- How to stay up to date with and manage all the updates in Office 365
18 Oct 2018
Oslo, Norway