Michele Brissoni

Information & Communications Technology

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Bratislava, Bratislavský kraj, Slovakia

Michele Brissoni

Global DevOps Lead and executive coach @ IBM

I started to code on an old Commodore C64 when I was a kid. At 14 I started with C and at the college, I learned Unix, C++, and O.O. programming. At the university, I finally met Java, U.M.L., design pattern and I realized that software wasn't completed without an architect able to design and assemble complex and distributed enterprise systems. For these reasons, to open my mind I started to study and work with multiple operating systems, domains and robotics platform. At the end of this long period, I was one of the youngest Java Architect in Italy. At the beginning of 2002 I started to study and practice the "Agile Manifest", Scrum and eXtreme Programming in my startup due to a lucky business consultancy with my brother, that is working in Ferrari F1, where continuous improvement is a key value!

After more than 16 years of journey, and a world that is moved to cloud, IoT, BigData, quantum and cognitive, I believe is the time that I share with the community my lesson learned; the behavioral transformation recipe to embrace the LenUx-DevSecOps way. A recipe that I improved for a long time and that at the end I was able to apply successfully to the BigBlue.