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Michelle Gilbert

Michelle Gilbert

Principal Cloud Solution Architect, M365 Copilot, Microsoft

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States


Principal Cloud Solution Architect focused on Modern Work and M365 Copilot. Trusted advisor for delivering the value proposition of Copilot and leading architectural design sessions. Former Director of Modern Work Customer Success, Teams Technical Specialist, Microsoft MVP and Office 365 solution architect in the Twin Cities, MN. She has been delivering business collaboration solutions for years with her focus on Copilot, Teams, Viva, SharePoint, and Office 365. Michelle is the board President of the Minnesota Microsoft 365 User Group, community organizer of MN M365 Workshop Day and has been a member of the SharePoint community since 2009.


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Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Office 365
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Office 365 Office 365 Governance Microsoft Teams SharePoint
  • Teams
  • Microsoft Viva

AMA - Ask Microsoft Anything and SharePint

Join Microsoft's experts for an interactive Q&A about Microsoft 365, Power Platform, SharePoint, OneDrive, Viva, Teams, Microsoft Graph and more! Bring your best questions! Refreshments and pizza will be provided.

Improve your personal productivity in Teams

Come and learn some ways to reduce the noise and make Teams work for you. Walk away with tips to organize your teams, channels, chat, and notifications that will be more effective and help you feel more productive.

Microsoft Viva Topics

Come and learn all about Microsoft's new AI based knowledge management tool!

Microsoft Teams Top 10 Decisions for Rapid Deployment

Come and learn the top 10 decisions your organization needs to make to roll-out Teams for rapid deployment.

Women in Technology Discussion Panel

Join us for an interactive discussion about Women in Technology

Top 10 best practices every Admin should be doing in M365!

Come and learn the top 10 best practices you should be doing to both manage and secure your environment. Tenant configuration can be a balance of usability and security when planning your roll-out or management model. These best practices will assist you in improving visibility into M365 and help you understand the necessary controls needed to have in place to ensure your tenant is protected.

Microsoft Teams Public and Private Channels

This session will provide you with the fundamentals of Microsoft Teams and Channels. Teams are a collection of people, content, and tools surrounding different projects and outcomes within an organization. They can be public or private, come and learn the differences between them and how you can expand your tabs with apps to make them work for you.

Create a Governance Board team in Microsoft Teams!

Come and learn how to create a governance board team in Microsoft Teams. You will learn how to create value-add channels focusing on various governance topics like monitoring of service health dashboard, user voice feedback, security projects including secure score, message center digest, usage analytics and more all within Microsoft Teams. The governance board Team will be your new centralized location to manage change, monitor and improve communication through channel conversations.

Create a Curated Experience in Teams!

You will learn the needs of generational workforces and how to create curated experiences in Teams based on your organization's personas. You will see how four diverse types of employee's experiences in Teams have unique needs: Deployment Team; Information Workers; Firstline Workers; and Executives. And learn to apply policies and settings that matter to them.

Navigating the Complexities of Hybrid Work

The past couple of years has fundamentally transformed employee and customer experiences and expectations. And there’s no going back. Learn about Microsoft’s approach, new operating model, lessons we’re learning along the way, and how we can help you empower your employees and meet new customer needs as you navigate hybrid work.

Deep Dive in enabling Microsoft Teams Connect - Shared Channels

Shared channels enables multiple orgs to work together as one team in a shared space for a more structured, deeper and longer-term collaboration. Chat, call, meet, share and co-author files, and collaborate on apps. This session will focus on how to enable Teams Connect using cross-tenant access settings to manage collaboration with external Azure AD organizations using the new Direct B2B Connect architecture model.

Modern Work Architecture - From the Core to Professional Self

Learn how Microsoft is empowering employee experiences at the core, creativity of personal and team productivity, connection to community and leaders, and your professional experiences. You will walk away with a new sense of Modern Work Architecture that envisions where work gets done and what matters to you and employees you may support.

What's New and Coming for Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams continues to evolve to be the hub for teamwork and we're excited to share new functionality that helps people do their best work. Come and learn the new features we have rolled out and stay on top of change.

Improve your security posture of Microsoft Teams using Microsoft Secure Score

Protect your organization from threats by measuring your organizations security posture of Microsoft Teams and learn Microsoft's recommendations of new improvement actions you can take in Secure Score. In this session you will learn the overview of Secure Score and the latest actions you should monitor and take action on to protect your environment from threats.

End to End Deployment of Viva Connections

In this session, you will see the creation of a SharePoint Communication Site from the SharePoint Look Book as your Intranet. The step-by-step guide to setting up Viva Connections as a first party app for Teams desktop and mobile deploying without using PowerShell. Walking through enablement of SharePoint home site, global navigation, configuring app permission and setup policies, and pinning the app to the side rail in Teams. And a peak at the new dashboard. You will learn how easy it is to create Viva Connections for your organization.

Managing Change in a Microsoft World! Office 365 Governance and Change Management.

This session will focus on how to best operationalize your Office 365 investment. We will walk through how to develop a governance board focusing on tenant and service management, define roles and responsibilities, learn how to manage change in a SAAS solution that uses an evergreen service management model, and develop a system of communication to better support your customers.

Previously presented in 1:many customer workshops in the Midwest region 2021; Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon May, 2020; SharePoint Saturday Ottawa May, 2019; SharePoint Saturday San Diego Jan, 2019; and SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities Nov, 2018.

Going with the Flow in SharePoint Online!

This course is a comprehensive introduction to Microsoft Flow and how SharePoint and Flow connect. Ending with real-world examples on using Flow to create an approval process.

Delivered to SPSTC 2018, MN M365 User Group 2018.

Which Role When? Guidance for assigning M365 administrative roles.

When Office 365 began there were two roles: User and Global Admin (GA). This left a huge security risk in organizations with administrators having the keys to the kingdom without the knowledge or understanding of the risk. Come and learn about the many roles and how assigning granular or least permissive roles will improve your security posture.

Reduce your Risk and Increase your Security Posture with Microsoft Secure Score!

Do you need increased visibility and control over your organization's security posture in Microsoft 365? You do not need to wait any longer, begin assessing your M365 security telemetry now with Microsoft Secure Score. Come and learn how to best manage and monitor your identity, data, device, app, and infrastructure to improve security from a centralized dashboard. Understand the improvement activities recommended and learn how to work to complete them. Threats arise every day in the cloud, configure your tenant to ensure your organization is protected.

M365 Copilot

Join our deep dive to learn more about accelerating your productivity, unleashing your creativity and uplevelling your skills with Microsoft 365 Copilot. We'll include answering your questions on the governance and management of these AI driven experiences.

Create an engaged and productive workforce with Microsoft Viva

Microsoft Viva empowers organizations with next-generation AI and insights to continuously improve engagement and productivity - bringing together the tools and applications to align goals, employee communications, workplace analytics and employee feedback, and learning for everyone in your organization. ​And best of all, Viva works in Microsoft Teams and Microsoft 365, is personalized, customizable and extensible. ​In this session, we’ll explore how Viva puts people at the center, connecting them to company information, communications, workplace insights, knowledge and learning - sharing latest innovations and addressing your open questions.

Microsoft TechCon365 & PWRCON Seattle 2024 Sessionize Event

June 2024 Seattle, Washington, United States

MN Microsoft 365 User Group - In person Workshop Day Spring, 2024 Sessionize Event

April 2024 Edina, Minnesota, United States

M365 Twin Cities Sessionize Event

November 2023 Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, United States

Microsoft 365 EduCon Chicago 2023 Sessionize Event

October 2023 Chicago, Illinois, United States

Microsoft 365 EduCon & PWR EduCon Seattle 2023 Sessionize Event

August 2023 Seattle, Washington, United States

Microsoft 365 EduCon DC 2023 Sessionize Event

June 2023 Washington, Washington, D.C., United States

Viva Round The World Sessionize Event

June 2023

Teams10X - April 12 - 13, 2023 Sessionize Event

April 2023

M365 Twin Cities Sessionize Event

January 2023 Brooklyn Park, Minnesota, United States

M365 Chicago - A Salute to Services! Sessionize Event

November 2022

Teams10X - Sep 28-29, 2022 Sessionize Event

September 2022

Microsoft 365 EduCon Chicago 2022 Sessionize Event

September 2022 Chicago, Illinois, United States

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon 2022 Sessionize Event

May 2022

Teams Nation 2022 Sessionize Event

March 2022

Microsoft Teams Day Online 4 Sessionize Event

November 2021

Microsoft 365 Friday Cabo San Lucas Sessionize Event

November 2021 Cabo San Lucas, Mexico

Teams Nation 2021 Sessionize Event

May 2021

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon Sessionize Event

April 2021

M365 Virtual Career Fair Sessionize Event

February 2021

Teams Day Online 2 Sessionize Event

September 2020

Teams Thursday New England 2020 Sessionize Event

June 2020

Microsoft 365 Virtual Marathon Sessionize Event

May 2020

Office 365 Saturday San Diego 2020 Sessionize Event

January 2020

SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities Sessionize Event

November 2019

SharePoint Saturday Ottawa Sessionize Event

October 2019 Ottawa, Canada

SPS Los Angeles Sessionize Event

September 2019 Los Angeles, California, United States

SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities Sessionize Event

April 2019

SharePoint/Office 365 Saturday San Diego 2019 Sessionize Event

January 2019 San Diego, California, United States

SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities Sessionize Event

November 2018

SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities Sessionize Event

April 2018

SharePoint Saturday - Omaha 2018 Sessionize Event

April 2018 Omaha, Nebraska, United States

SharePoint Saturday Twin Cities Sessionize Event

October 2017

Michelle Gilbert

Principal Cloud Solution Architect, M365 Copilot, Microsoft

Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States


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