Mo Zaatar

Mo Zaatar

Principal Engineer - Vix

Perth, Australia

Mohamed (Mo) is an energetic software engineer who is enthusiastic about technology for over 15 years. He is a “Logician” who likes the big picture first. He believe in continuous learning and passionate about sharing knowledge plus giving back the community..

On his free time, he enjoys learning new tech and maintaining his car. He is a full time senior consultant at Readify, full time husband, servant leader of his teammates, half mechanic, a semi-lucky fisher and an untalented cook.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Mobie
  • Cloud
  • .net
  • Software Consultants
  • Continous Delivery
  • Continuous Deployment
  • aws
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Swift
  • android

Importance of doppelgänger in cloud

From watching a TV series full of doppelgangers and vampires to learning how to design and implement a geo-replicated Azure cloud solution.

In this session, I will go through my experience and lessons learned in one of my recent consulting gigs to achieve solution resilience against vendor outages.

Why am I using NoSQL?

Developers deal with different sources of NoSQL every day. We just love NoSQL without questioning why because it is sexier and easier to deal with.
In this session, Mo will tell you why NoSQL, what NoSQL means, and where/why to find/use the different types of NoSQL. They are some key lessons from reading "NoSQL Distilled" book by Martin Fowler.

How do you apply Agile on a solo project?

Have you ever been in a situation where you had to develop alone? Have you started a side project and didn't go well? Agile methodologies always revolve around teams; their interactions and ceremonies, but rarely mentions what you should do on a solo gig. Could applying agile practices save the project? Could you apply agile while you are working in a solo capacity?

During my journey, I share the pain with you. I have started many side-projects and worked on many solo projects. It wasn't easy to apply Agile and focus on delivery. Yet, while focusing on success, I found my way to Agilify my solo gigs and discovered why my side-projects were not successful. Through many gigs and amplifying the feedback and it helped me delivering better and faster with great success.

By the end of the session, you will have the hard-learned lessons that will make your solo or side project much easier and more fun. Despite not being an Agile coach, I'm a developer with the right experience who could tell you how to Agilify any solo-project. I will share with you my way of applying Agile on your solo project and backed by some scars from the field.

A 45 minutes of how to Agilify your solo gigs. Basic agile knowledge required

"Digital transformation" a successful story from the technical trenches

Digital transformation is the main focus for many organizations nowadays. They put a lot of effort to be a successful journey. Have you wondered what can you do better as a technical player? Have you been in that situation where you work hard trying to release frequently with confidence but not everyone is engaged in the process? Do your product owners and other cross-functions team members have their buy-in of the process of developing and releasing the product?

I have been there in one of the big organizations where they were trying to transform to "New Ways of Working" and I spotted the missing gears to complete the picture. I found out that hidden friction between business owners and IT when it comes to releasing features. There were too many non-technical people attend the Agile ceremonies without getting the value of it. While being a product lead helping business developing features, I was trying to understand the business frustration. And I solved it! I helped them complete the picture by empowering not only the product owners but also the marketing team by being part of the transformation especially the release process.

By the end of this session, I will go through my successful story behind the trench from one to discuss why not everyone is engaged in the process of digital transformation. Will share my thought on how I found out the frustration and sometimes the mistrust between business and IT people. I will share how I solved that disharmony by delivering a cutting-edge business feature with a celebration instead of anxiety and fear with engaging of all team members.

A session about feature management. The unspoken benefits and how to choose one for your needs? Applying one with real-life best practices.

iOS development has never been easier with SwiftUI

I know that many of you have been trying to develop an iOS app one day but found it hard and life is too short for learning a new platform. iOS development was not that easy as you expected. I share the pain with you but not anymore with the new cool SwiftUI.

Apple recently introduced SwiftUI and some cool features that will make your journey creating apps much easier and enjoyable one. Introducing SwiftUI is a game changer for iOS development. It is simple enough so that with some few lines of code you can create an amazing app with great user experience.

By the end of this session, I will break the barrier between you and iOS development. You will be familiar with SwiftUI and the new easy powerful features. I will show you how to create an iOS app in less than one hour. If demo gods allow it, I will create a demo app during the talk with you. It will be an amazing iOS app that can be useful in your daily routine.

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Mo Zaatar

Principal Engineer - Vix

Perth, Australia

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