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Nicky van Vroenhoven

Nicky van Vroenhoven

Unit Lead Power BI

's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands

Nicky van Vroenhoven is a BI professional focused at the Microsoft stack and a Data Platform MVP. He mainly works with Power BI, Power Platform and T-SQL. Nicky started working with SQL Server and SSIS in 2005 in the DWH space, and later moved from Power Pivot to Power BI. After working 10 years in BI-consultancy jobs in several industries and companies, he worked for 5 years as a Power BI Administrator at a wealth management bank, and he is currently working as Unit Lead Fabric/Power BI at Powerdobs in The Netherlands.
Nicky has spoken at several User Groups, SQL Saturday Events, the Power BI World Tour and SQLBits. In addition he enjoys tweeting and blogging about topics like Power BI and Power Platform at
In his spare time Nicky likes to go running, play chess or try to improve his Rubik's cube record. He is also a husband, father of 3 and a (former) ballroom dancer!


Area of Expertise

  • Finance & Banking
  • Health & Medical


  • Microsoft Power BI
  • sql server
  • Microsoft Power platform
  • Power Apps
  • Power Query
  • Power Automate (Flow)
  • Power Platform Governance

A Day In The Life Of A(n Accidental) Power BI Administrator

Do you know your way around Power BI Desktop, but don't know what happens beyond it, or what has to be managed in the Service?
Do you have the privilege, as an IT Admin or Global Administrator, to "also take care of Power BI"?
Did you just receive the responsibility for some, or even all, Power BI Administrator tasks?
Do you also not know what the Power Platform (management) truly encompasses?

If you answer Yes to any of the questions above, this session is for you!
And did you know a Power BI Premium Capacity is not a switch you turn on and just walk away from. It's like heating tomato soup in the microwave: if you don't pay attention, it becomes a mess very quickly.

In this session, we will take a look at tasks and components that can be part of a Power BI Admin's daily routine.
- The role of the Power BI Admin
- Tenant settings
- Handling My Workspace
- Branding your tenant
- Premium Monitoring
- Power Platform Admin Center

When you start applying the tips and tricks of this session, you will get a grip on your Power BI tenant and have happier Power BI users!

Making The Most Out of The Power Platform

Do you want (some of) your users to be able to refresh the Power BI dataset behind a report, from within that report?
Do you want to be able to edit your data in a Power BI report?
Do you want to refresh your Power BI dataset as soon as the connected dataflow is refreshed?

Now you can! With a combination of Power BI, Power Apps and Power Automate.
In this live demo session I will demonstrate the Microsoft Power Platform products working together to create easy, usable, and interactive data solutions.

A Deep Dive Into The Power BI Direct Lake

The term storage mode in Power BI refers to how tables are stored and how queries will be sent to the data source. In Power BI desktop you can specify the storage mode on a per-table basis. It's important to understand how the different storage modes function and how they can be utilized to meet certain business requirements.

Power BI has had storage modes for quite some time, with Import being the best practice and default mode for the majority of projects.
With Microsoft Fabric, a new mode has been announced: Direct Lake mode.

How does that fit in? It's actually not really a storage mode (because it doesn’t store any data!), but more a connectivity mode.
What are the differences and similarities or the pros and cons to the old storage modes?
What Power BI or Fabric licenses do we need, to use Direct Lake mode?
What is Delta, Parquet and V-Ordering all about?

In this session we will deep dive into the Direct Lake mode and try to answer these questions.
This sessions is mainly aimed at Power BI developers, so anyone who works with Power BI Desktop, or people that want to get a better understanding of all the storage modes in Power BI. Some experience with Power BI (Desktop) is assumed, so that you have a basic understanding of how Power BI works.

What Is Microsoft Fabric and How Does It Benefit You as a Power BI Developer

In this session we will introduce you to the possibilities that Microsoft Fabric brings for Power BI developers. For a Power BI developer starting with Fabric, it is important to understand that Fabric enables all components to be developed and managed in the Power BI platform as native assets. This means that you can use Fabric to unify your data estates and unlock value with a data integration experience that combines the ease of use of Power Query with the scale and power of Data Factory.
After this session you will understand the different capabilities like Direct Lake, Git Integration, and Dataflows Gen2. We will bring you up to speed with all the new features in Fabric that you need to know as a Power BI developer, combined with real world demo's.

Level 200, no prerequisites.

What are Power BI External Tools and How Can I Use Them?

In this session we will show you what external tools are in Power BI. The rest of the session will be used to demonstrate a lot of tools that are already built by the amazing Power BI community and can provide enormous value. Some tools have similar use cases, some complement each other, most are free, but some (features) can be paid.
I do *not* own or affiliate with any of the tools. I *do* appreciate and work with them on a daily basis!

At the end of this session you will know how these external tools can help you in your day-to-day Power BI work.

We will take a look at a choice of the following tools:
- DAX Studio
- Bravo
- Tabular Editor
- ALM Toolkit
- Measure Killer
- PBI Explorer
- ...

Tips & Tricks of a Large Scale Power BI (Premium) Implementation

Attendees will walk away with guidelines and practical tips from a real-world implementation of Power BI (Premium) with 750+ users.
Back to September 2016: Power BI is new, shiny and hot. It is the tool of the moment, so people cannot wait to get their hands on it.
Fast forward 6 months, there is more traction within the business, trainings are given and workshops are held. The adoption of Power BI is growing. Some departments already use Power BI very extensively and incorporate it in their day-to-day processes. Due to this quick success there is uncertainty regarding the right support team for incidents and problems.
Because an app workspace creates an Office 365 group with a lot of artifacts behind the scenes, the creation workflow is controlled by IT. Unfortunately this inhibits the end users.
We require more governance, not to further bother the users, but it is essential to stay in control. Responsibilities need to be better aligned between IT and the business. And what to do with Power BI Premium?
Throughout this session we take you along on our Power BI journey, with tips, tricks, do's and don'ts during the implementation of Power BI (Premium) at a financial institute in the Netherlands.
For this session a basic knowledge of Power BI is assumed, there is no deep technical knowledge necessary.

This is a 45 min - one hour session (beginner - intermediate) that can be co-presented with my colleague Jeroen Schalken.

Query Folding in Power BI

Are you working with Power Query, in Excel or Power BI? Have you ever experienced that the importing of data is slower than you expected? In most of those cases, query folding is probably not happening fully optimized.
Query folding is important because it offloads data transformations to the source, instead of performing them in Power Query.
Attend this session to learn how to ensure that you get all the performance improvements possible in your reports.
You will learn how to check if a query (really) folds, how to use the Query Diagnostics feature, and even how to make a Native SQL query fold!
You will also see how (not) folding can hurt performance.

This is an intermediate, one hour technical session. A basic understanding of Power BI Desktop is required because it goes under the cover into Power Query.

A Form, a Flow and a Power BI Streaming Dataset Walk Into a Bar

This is a live demo session that demonstrates the Microsoft Power Platform of products working together to create an interactive data application.

It's good to have some form of interactivity in your presentation. Whether it's by (live) polling your audience, telling a story, asking questions during your presentation or any other way to make your presentation more interactive, doesn't really matter.
The way I started doing this was by firing some questions at the audience after I introduced myself. Although that worked pretty well, I was asking closed questions with a show of hands. I did get a feel of the audience from my perspective so I know on what topics to focus on a little more in my presentation.

But as I work with the Power Platform suite of products I thought it was a good idea to use some of that Power! So in this session I will show you the following:
- Create a form with Microsoft Forms,
- Create a Power Automate flow to get the answers,
- Push them into a Power BI streaming dataset,
- And finally create a Power BI report and dashboard on that dataset to get a live view of the answers of the audience.

Power Platform Better Together: Create a Scoring App with a Live Dashboard

Often during a presentation or workshop, you want to have an interactive quiz.
Maybe you've used Kahoot or any of the other platforms out there, but they rarely integrate well with our other applications. Using the Power Platform, we'll create an interactive quiz that gives you the best of all worlds.

Our goal is to create an app where attendees will answer questions and be awarded points for (partially) correct answers.
We want to have an application where we can enter the name of an attendee and their score. Ideally, we'll be showing the results using that same application so there's no constant switching between the app and the results.
We're going to accomplish this by using 3 of the Power Platform products: Power Apps, Power Automate and Power BI.

Join this session to see how to build this solution from scratch!

Write-back with Power Apps in Power BI

Have you ever wondered why you can't edit your data in Power BI like in Excel? Now you can!
Well, not directly in Power BI, but you can accomplish this with a Power App inside a Power BI report.
In this session you will learn how to create a basic Power App and how to use that in the Power Apps visual in a Power BI report. You will learn how to connect Power BI and Power Apps together to update data in a database and display the results in Power BI.
During the session, we will also run through different use cases where this can be brought to practice.
This is an intermediate (Power BI) session, so experience with Power BI is assumed, prior experience with Power Apps is not necessarily needed.

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Nicky van Vroenhoven

Unit Lead Power BI

's-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands