Nilesh Gule

Nilesh Gule

Passionate about software with a motto "Code with Passion and strive for Excellence"



Microsoft Azure MVP | First Docker Captain in Singapore | Hands on Architect with more 2 decades of industry experience in the Finance, Retail and Healthcare domain. One of the early adopters of cloud native technologies with vast experience in architecting distributed systems. Blogger, Speaker, Technical Evangelist, lifelong learner. When not thinking or talking about technology, I like watching the game of Cricket.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Finance & Banking


  • Microsoft Azure
  • Software Architecture
  • Software Development
  • Open Source Software
  • Cloud Native
  • cloud-native software architecture
  • architecture patterns
  • Cloud & DevOps
  • Cloud Computing
  • Docker
  • Kubernetes

Improve Monitoring and Observability for Kubernetes with OSS tools

In this session, we will explore different tools from the open-source ecosystem which can help greatly to improve the monitoring and observability features for Kubernetes. We will explore log aggregation using Elastic search, Prometheus and Grafana for metrics and Sentry for exception handling.

Improve apps observability using Prometheus & Grafana

Observability is a very important characteristic of cloud-native applications. In this session, we will cover how to improve .net core applications observability by monitoring metrics using open-source Prometheus and Grafana.

Big Data for .Net Devs using Spark

.Net for Apache Spark was announced recently. Lets see how .Net developers can leverage Spark for big data processing

Build Modern Data Warehouse using Cloud

Modernize the Data Warehouse using highly scalable cloud services. In this session we will see how to use scalable storage and compute options using multiple clould services to build a secure Modern Data Warehouse all in the cloud.

Serverless Containers

While we were catching up with Containers, the Serverless bandwagon has started. This session will talk about running containers using Serverless technologies on our favourite cloud Microsoft Azure. Let us explore how we can marry the two of the hottest technologies in the market.

Autoscale containers to handle event driven workloads

Kubernetes based Event Driven Autoscaling (KEDA) project helps in scaling containers based on events. In this session, we will explore how to use .Net Core Docker containers to consume RabbitMQ messages. The RabbitMQ Producer and Consumer are deployed to Azure Kubernetes Service cluster. The consumers will be autoscaled based on the number of messages. We also see the power of Serverless computing with the extension of Kubernetes cluster workloads to Azure Container Instances (ACI).

The source code and various presentations, youtube recordings related to this session are available on Github https://github.com/nileshgule/pd-tech-fest-2019

Resilient Microservices Architecture with AKS

Microservices architecture is becoming quite common nowadays. Microservices have been around for some time, but container technologies are helping organisations to adopt new tools and techniques at a much faster pace. The talk will demonstrate how to build resilient Microservices using specific design patterns. Some of the patterns we will cover
1 - Timeout design patterns
2 - Circuit breaker design pattern
3 - Retry design pattern
4 - Bulkheads design pattern

Build Cloud Native Application using Docker, Kubernetes and Azure

An end to end session showing how we can build Cloud Native Applications using modern day technologies such as Docker containers, Kubernetes Orchestration engine and run it on Azure. The demo will cover the Inner loop workflow for development and test scenario. The application will utilise Azure Container Service (AKS) to provision the managed Kubernetes cluster. We will also utilise managed SQL Server to persist the state. For monitoring purposes we will integrate with the Operation Management Solution (OMS) for containers

Voxxed Days Singapore

Presented a talk on Modernizing application development with highly scalable architecture using Docker and Azure

June 2018 Singapore

Azure Bootcamp - Singapore

Presented a talk on Modernising Application Development with Highly Scalable Architecture using Docker and Azure at the Global Azure Bootcamp Singapore event

April 2018 Singapore

Mentored the attendees for ECommerce Hackathon

Presented a talk on Docker containers, the next big thing in the IT industry

February 2018 Singapore

Microsoft User Group - Azure DevOps with Dockers, Container Services

Demonstrated how to build a Continuous Integration & Continuous Delivery CI CD pipeline for a multi-container application using Docker, VSTS and Docker Swarm running in Azure using Azure Container Sercice (ACS).

January 2018 Singapore

Microsoft User Group - Azure Container Services - Scaling Multicontainer App & Docker Swarm

Demonstrated how to use Docker containers and scale the application using Docker Swarm running on Azure Container Service (ACS) engine

November 2017 Singapore

Nilesh Gule

Passionate about software with a motto "Code with Passion and strive for Excellence"



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