Pieter Nijs

Pieter Nijs

Microsoft MVP, .NET Consultant @ Xebia, Published author

Zoutleeuw, Belgium


Pieter Nijs is .NET Consultant at Xebia Microsoft Services where he helps customers with 'everything mobile and cloud'.

He has a keen interest in mobile and cloud development and has played a key role in numerous projects, ranging from expansive customer facing healthcare, telecom and media applications to smaller LOB applications.

Currently, Pieter is diving into the fascinating realms of artificial intelligence, exploring how these cutting-edge technologies can bring added value to customer projects and solve complex problems in innovative ways.

Pieter is passionate about constantly exploring and experimenting with new and innovative technologies both at work and in his spare time, which he eagerly shares with others. He is a seasoned speaker at conferences, trainer, and blogger at blog.pieeatingninjas.be. He has been awarded the Microsoft MVP Award since 2017, reflecting his unwavering passion and expertise in serving the community. His first book, 'The MVVM Pattern in .NET MAUI' (published by Packt Publishing), was recently released and has been very well received.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • .NET
  • C#.Net
  • Xamarin Forms - MAUI
  • Azure
  • Azure AD B2C
  • GitHub
  • Azure DevOps
  • Azure OpenAI Service
  • Artificial Inteligence
  • LLMs
  • Copilot/AI

Down the rabbit hole: non-nullable reference types

Imagine a wonderland where reference types aren't implicitly 'nullable'... Somewhere where you explicitly need to define them as nullable, just like you do with value types. Imagine no unnecessary null-checks, while getting warnings in your IDE where you should check for nulls. No more NullReferenceExceptions!

Since C# 8 you can opt-in for this utopian experience!

Let's go down the rabbit hole of the non-nullable reference types and discover all of its goodness. It's more than just adding a '?' here or a '!' there.

From Zero to AI Hero: Transform Your Data into Generative AI with Azure and C#

Dive into the world of artificial intelligence without being a data scientist or AI expert. In this talk, Pieter shares the knowledge and insights he gained while setting up a RAG Generative AI model for a customer using Azure's OpenAI Service, Cognitive Search, and C#. Pieter will demonstrate how anyone with a basic understanding of C# can create a Generative AI model that leverages their own data in less than an hour.

By the end of this talk, you should have a practical understanding of some of Azure's AI capabilities, RAG and the confidence to create your own Generative AI model infused with the knowledge from your own data. Whether you're an experienced developer looking to expand your AI skill set, or a curious tech enthusiast seeking to understand the potential of AI, this talk promises to equip you with the knowledge and tools necessary to get a grasp of what Generative AI can do.

Building a Copilot for Your Own Application with Semantic Kernel

Ever wondered how intelligent 'copilot' features are being integrated into applications? This talk will guide you through leveraging Generative AI (GPT4) and Semantic Kernel to transform your applications. Whether you're aiming to improve user experience, boost efficiency, or innovate in your field, you'll get to see how to create AI assistants that integrate seamlessly with your software. We'll dive into the practicalities with a demo where we add a copilot to an existing application, showcasing the step-by-step process and the immediate impact it has. Get ready to explore the seamless fusion of AI with C# through Semantic Kernel, and leave equipped to create your own intelligent application enhancements!

Building Intelligent .NET MAUI Apps with ML.NET

Embark on a journey through the .NET kingdom, where Python is just a snake and the cloud is merely weather! In 'Building Intelligent .NET MAUI Apps with ML.NET,' we dive into the magical world of machine learning and mobile apps, armed solely with .NET. Leveraging ML.NET, we'll train a sentiment analysis model that seamlessly integrates into our .NET MAUI app, enabling sophisticated offline analysis right in the palm of our hands. Prepare to cast aside other languages and technologies, as we prove that everything you need for enchanting applications can be found within the .NET universe. Join us for a tale of code, where .NET alone is the hero of our story.

By the end of this session, attendees will gain an introductory insight into machine learning, learn how to approach a classification problem, and discover the initial steps to train a classification model using ML.NET. Furthermore, the'll see how to integrate this model within a .NET MAUI application for real-time predictions, showcasing the seamless blend of ML and mobile app development entirely within the .NET ecosystem.

Seamless .NET MAUI and API Authentication with Azure AD B2C

Everybody thinks authentication and authorization is a tough challenge. But what if we told you that it's not as complex as it seems? With the right tools and approach, securing your app's user authentication and authorization can be a breeze.
In this talk, Pieter will take you through the process of setting up Azure AD B2C, integrating it into a .NET MAUI app, and showing you how to secure APIs with user authentication and authorization. He will demonstrate how to enable users to log in using either a local account or a social identity provider, and how to restrict access to specific API endpoints to authorized users only.
By the end of the session, you'll have a clear understanding of how to set up a User Flow in Azure AD B2C, integrate it into your .NET MAUI app using MSAL, and secure your APIs with effective user authentication and authorization.

.NET DeveloperDays 2024 Berlin Sessionize Event Upcoming

June 2024 Berlin, Germany

Pieter Nijs

Microsoft MVP, .NET Consultant @ Xebia, Published author

Zoutleeuw, Belgium


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