Renato Fajdiga

Information & Communications Technology

Dynamics 365 Business Central Business Intelligence Power Platform

Zagreb, City of Zagreb, Croatia

Renato Fajdiga

Solution Architect

Renato Fajdiga is a Microsoft Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central consultant and blogger with more than five years of experience in implementing Dynamics NAV/365 Business Central. He is currently an ERP product manager for Dynamics 365 Finance and Operations and consultant for Dynamics 365 Business Central, where he works on implementing various Dynamics 365 solutions.

From fall 2018, he is MVP and MCT with a focus on Business Applications, especially Dynamics 365 Business Central, Power BI, Power Apps, Power Automate. He enjoys in everyday learning of new technologies and concepts that optimize customers' processes. Sometimes he gets inspiration and dives into code, but one thing which is for sure his motivation is to solve problems with Dynamics 365 Business Central posted by the community.

Current sessions

Power BI & Business Central – from zero to BI hero

After releasing Business Central, we can see many new possibilities of integration with Power BI. In this session, you will learn how to connect Power BI Desktop and Dynamics 365 Business Central SaaS as well as the On-Prem version of Dynamics 365 Business Central and use it to create powerful reports. Using standard features of Power BI service, you will learn how to create an application in Power BI service and share it with other colleagues who work in Dynamics 365 Business Central. Through various practical examples, you will see how to work with Power BI reports in Dynamics 365 Business Central, combine the data from multiple sources such as Dynamics 365 Business Central, Dynamics 365 HR to get complete information about your business. In the end, we will provide an overview of using Power BI reports based on Dynamics 365 Business Central data inside with Power Platform.


Enrich ERP processes with Power Platform

Back in past, we asked our partners to develop everything for us (customers), from the forms and workflows to the complex reports. Nowadays with a lot of modern applications, we can extend our ERP in this case Dynamics 365 Business Central with applications that are part of Power Platform.

In my session, I will show you how you can utilize the existing integration potential between Dynamics 365 Business Central on one side and Power Platform on another side. When the standard and out-of-the-box solution is not enough I will show you how you can extend Dynamics 365 Business Central and use it with Power Platform.

Business Central with Power Platform - more than ERP solution

For decades we used Dynamics NAV for enterprise resource planning operations. We could extend standard NAV functionalities, making customizations in NAV or developing integrations with some other e-commerce solutions. But common word in both of cases was “development”.
After releasing Business Central and other business apps as i.e. Power Platform, we can see many new possibilities of integrations with other systems are either on-prem or in the cloud as well as other models of extending standard features.
In this session, you will learn about the latest features and technologies which allow users to extend Business Central functionalities and integrate it with solutions for customer engagement, business intelligence, human resource… Using various available services from Power Platform and Azure we will show you the way how to extend Business Central beyond its limits. We will show you how effectively to use Flow, LogicApps, Power BI, Canvas PowerApps and even making Model-Driven PowerApps with Business Central, bringing Business Central to the CDS and it means using BC with CRM UI! Even maybe you would like to embed PowerApp in your BC? Of course, we will explain how to do it as well as when and why to do it.

Napredne mogućnosti Business Central i Power Platform

Power Platform sa svojim alatima Power Automate, Power Apps i Power BI omogućuje bogatu povezanost sa Business Centralom. Out-of-the box konektori pružaju veliku razinu integracije između Business Centrala i ostalih servisa koristeći Power Automate. No što kada ni to nije dovoljno? Korisnicima je pružena mogućnost izrade vlastitih konektora i koristeći funkcionalnosti custom connectora. Na ovom predavanju ćete vidjeti koje su sve mogućnosti standardnih APIa te na koji način kreirati jednostavni vlastiti konektor koji će povezati Business Central sa vanjskim servisom.

Past and future events

Advanced Technology Days 15

3 Dec 2019 - 4 Dec 2019
Zagreb, City of Zagreb, Croatia

NAV TechDays 2019

18 Nov 2019 - 21 Nov 2019
Antwerpen, Flanders, Belgium