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Riccardo Perico

Riccardo Perico

BI & Power BI Engineer @ Lucient Italia | Microsoft Data Platform MVP

Bergamo, Italy


Back in 2010 I started working in Information Technology.

After a brief experience as ERP Consultant, I moved into Data Realm.
I spent these years exploring Data world from different points of view, both as DBA and Business Intelligence Engineer.

I'm a Microsoft Certified Professional at different levels in databases, BI and Azure areas.

Microsoft MVP for Data Platform category.

Technical reviewer for Power BI books.

I'm one of the leaders of Power BI User Group in Italy and I'd been speaker during the Power Platform World Tour and Power Platform Bootcamp stops in Italy.
I'm also speaker during Azure Saturday, SQL Saturday, Global Azure and Data Saturday events in Europe.

Last but not least, Hard Rock and Heavy Metal addicted!


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Azure
  • Microsoft Power BI
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Azure Synapse Analytics
  • Azure Data Factory
  • Azure SQL
  • Microsoft Fabric
  • SSRS
  • SSIS
  • SSAS

Power BI CICD where are we? Where are we going?

Ability to natively perform CICD in Power BI it's been one of the most demanded feature forever.
During 2023 Microsoft announced new features that promise to close the gap.

From modelling perspective there's a new sheriff in town called TMDL (Tabular Model Definition Language) that simplifies model development, management and versioning replacing JSON-based TMSL with a new more-readable YAML-like standard.

In the meantime huge applauses at Microsoft Build 2023 when Power BI Developer Mode had been revealed. This feature allows natively version control over Power BI Desktop files with a native integration between Azure DevOps git repos and Power BI Workspaces.

Each of these technologies promises to close the gap, but they can't work together yet and they're still in preview with some limitations.

They both have pros and cons so let's dig in and find out what we can do and what we can't do.

Table Distribution in Dedicated Pool: That is not "a simple table"

Dedicated Pool refers to the enterprise data warehousing features that are available in Azure Synapse Analytics.

Its engine is based on SQL Server's one and working with it will be very familiar for SQL Server people.

Do you need a table? You can start with CREATE TABLE command but, be aware that Dedicated Pool is a distributed engine and that table could be Replicated or Distributed over multiple nodes.

Distribution, Data Skew, Data Movement are "new concepts" you must be familiar with to get better performance in a Dedicated Pool.

Houston, We have a P…ower BI Report, cronache di un report dal mondo reale

Power BI è indiscutibilmente il tool di reportistica più in voga degli ultimi anni. Uno dei suoi punti forti è sicuramente la facilità con cui è possibile costruire modelli e report.
Sulla carta anche le integrazioni con il mondo esterno sono supportate out of the box, ma la realizzazione si complica? E se sì, di quanto?
In questi 60 minuti ripercorriamo le disavventure di cui può essere lastricata la realizzazione di un report di questo tipo in un caso tratto dal mondo reale.

Power BI dataflows deep dive

Power BI dataflows allow to centralize and to standardize data preparation phase using Power Query and M language in the cloud, without leaving your browser.

In which scenarios are they suitable?
Which best practices do you need to keep in mind?
Which is the new frontier they're drawing?

Let's try to answer these and other questions with practical examples.

On-Premises Data Gateway monitoring strategy, why do I care?

You have carefully prepared your fantastic reports with Power BI Desktop and the time has come to share them with your colleagues. Obviously you don’t want to simply show the visuals frozen at the release state, but you want the underlying dataset to be refreshable so that the data visuals show up-to-date information. Therefore, after publishing the report on Power BI Service, you will certainly take care to install and configure an On-premises Data Gateway in Enterprise mode on a machine from which the data source is reachable, so that you can schedule a dataset refresh appropriately.

Whenever you are dealing with a Data Gateway no matter how powerful your sources and Power BI capacity are, the Gateway is a crucial part of your architecture and you should be ready to react if problems arise.

During this session we'll see how to establish monitoring and troubleshooting strategy accordingly leveraging default logging and building a comprehensive solution.

PBIRS for dummies

360° overview of Power BI Report Server looking to the "on-prem version of Power BI".
Let's see how to install and configure it and let's take also a look to the engine and how it works behind the scenes.
In the end we will compare PBIRS and Power BI Service in order to do the best choice when designing our Power BI ecosystem.

An introduction to Azure Data Factory

Azure Data Factory v2 è un servizio di integrazione dati nel cloud flessibile, scalabile, sicuro.

Grazie ad un'intuitiva interfaccia visuale ed a più di 60 connettori nativi creare, pianificare e gestire attività di trasferimento dati non è mai stato così immediato, sia che essi si trovino nel cloud oppure on-premise.
Il nuovo Integration Runtime, inoltre, consente di trasferire con semplicità i propri pacchetti SQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) in Azure.

In questa sessione vedremo alcune delle possibilità offerte dalla piattoforma ed i servizi con cui essa si integra nativamente.

PBI modeling at warp speed with Tabular Editor Advanced Scripting

Well designed model is core aspect for any successful BI project regardless the technology you are using.
Microsoft oriented BI solutions tend to use SSAS Tabular, Azure Analsysis Services and Power BI nowadays, and Microsoft provides its own tools to develop solutions for these products.

Designing model according to best practices and following standards is a must but sometimes could be an annoying and long process due to some lack in functionalities of the standard tools, because of this new "Community's Tools" born and they're used more and more.

Since 2020 Power BI is embracing "External Tools" to make developers' life easier, one of them is Tabular Editor.
During this session we'll se how to leverage "Advanced Scripting" feature in order to create model at the speed of light always following best practices and making BI development agile.

Working in the (Azure Data) Factory the right way

Azure Data Factory is a fully managed, serverless data integration service.

It's super easy to start developing powerful pipelines to move data in and out cloud and on-premises services, but there're many features that could be useful to get the best out this tool that you may not be aware off.

This, full of demo session, is a collection of lessons learnt and tip and tricks collected implementing real world scenarios in Azure Data Factory. Pordenone 2024 Sessionize Event

February 2024 Pordenone, Italy

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Riccardo Perico

BI & Power BI Engineer @ Lucient Italia | Microsoft Data Platform MVP

Bergamo, Italy


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