Roland Smeenk

Roland Smeenk

Freelance HoloLens Developer & Creative Coder

Ede, The Netherlands

Roland Smeenk is a freelance HoloLens developer and creative coder. He loves to develop interactive experiences that combine the digital and physical world in interesting new ways. Roland is author of the HoloLens Shader Pack and the HoloLens 3D Spectator that are available from the Unity Asset Store.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Unity
  • HoloLens
  • Kinect
  • 3D Development
  • Shaders
  • Mixed Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Augmented Reality
  • Natural User Interfaces

Imaginary friend Part 2: Breathing life into a holographic character

Last year we brought our imaginary friend to life with HoloLens. This year we will take it a step further and try to breath even more life into our holographic friend. This will involve the use of the GPT-3 language model. Just like last year, the development will be based on Unity and the MixedRealityToolKit (MRTK).

Bringing your imaginary friend to life with HoloLens

As children we all experienced having an imaginary friend. In this session we will bring that childhood dream to life by creating a holographic version of him. We will look at how HoloLens allows us to interact with a holographic character. Development will be based on Unity and the MixedRealityToolKit (MRTK).

First hand experiences with the HoloLens 2

Direct hand interaction is one of the major new features of the new HoloLens. In this session we will examine the design implications for supporting hand interaction in HoloLens applications. And we will also take a look at how the Mixed Reality ToolKit (MRTK) helps us with developing for this new way of interacting with holograms.

Unicorns & Shaders; their magic revealed

Unicorns & Shaders are concepts that are often surrounded by magic. In this workshop we will try to reveal their magic. You will learn how to built shaders from the ground up and which tools are available for building shaders in Unity. We will target HoloLens as platform and discuss how to optimize shaders for running on this device.

To prepare for this session clone or download this repository:

And have the following software installed:
* Visual Studio 2017
* Unity 2018.2.x

Online Global XR Bootcamp 2020 Sessionize Event

November 2020

Mixed Reality User Group Sessionize Event

January 2020

Global AI Bootcamp Netherlands Sessionize Event

December 2018 Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Roland Smeenk

Freelance HoloLens Developer & Creative Coder

Ede, The Netherlands

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