Rosário Pereira Fernandes

Rosário Pereira Fernandes

Google Developer Expert for Firebase

Maputo, Mozambique

Rosário P. Fernandes is a Firebase GDE, GitHub Star, Mobile App Developer at Vodacom and Community Organizer at GDG Maputo.
Rosário has made many contributions to the Firebase Open Source Community and answered hundreds of Firebase questions on StackOverflow. He generally helps developers improve the way they develop their apps.
When he's not doing one of these things, he enjoys playing video games and watching movies.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • android
  • Android Software Development
  • Kotlin
  • Firebase

Building a books app with Jetpack Compose and Firebase

Having a successful Android app often means having a beautiful and modern UI + a solid and fail-safe backend. Gone are the days when this could only be achieved with the good old Android Studio's XML Layout Editor and a dedicated server. Nowadays Android Developers can build apps faster with declarative UIs and serverless backends.

During this session, Rosário will be showing how to build an Android app with Jetpack Compose and Firebase.

You'll learn how to:
- Create declarative UIs in Android with Composables.
- Authenticate Users in Android with Firebase Auth.
- Read and write data from Cloud Firestore in Android.

Single codebase, single backend & multiple apps with Flutter + Firebase

Building an app can be a complex task: besides coding, you'll also need a backend infrastructure to hold all of your user data and server-side logic. The task gets even harder if your app needs to be delivered on a tight schedule or when you simply don't have much time to spend on it.
But nowadays with backendless tools such as Firebase and cross-platform frameworks like Flutter, the app-building process can be much faster!

In this session, the speakers will show you how to create a Food Recipes app in 30 min and build it natively on Android, iOS and the Web.

Expect to come out of the session with:
- An overview on how to get started with Flutter.
- An overview of Firebase Auth, Cloud Firestore, Cloud Storage and Firebase Hosting.
- (Hopefully) a good-looking Food Recipes app.

Firebase and Kotlin: Extensions, Coroutines and Flows

Android is now Kotlin-first, but most of the existing libraries and SDKs were written in Java.
Despite the effort that the Firebase team has put in coming up with KTX libraries for their Android SDK, there are still a few Kotlin features that have been missed out.

In this session, Rosário will talk about some of the features that are present in the KTX libraries and the features that you can implement yourself to get cleaner and more idiomatic Kotlin code.

You’ll learn how Sequences, Sealed Classes, Coroutines and Asynchronous Flow can provide you with a kotlin-first experience when working with Firebase’s Android Java SDK.

Fix app crashes and slow response times with Firebase

Once we deploy an android app to production, its common to see our users complain about crashes, device incompatibility issues and/or slow response times. Tracking down each and all of these problems can be time-consuming and require a lot of effort from our side. But what if we could automate part of this monitoring process?

During this presentation, Rosário will be talking about the Firebase tools and services that can help developers monitor their android app releases.

Expect to come out of the session with:

- an overview on tools such as Crashlytics, Test Lab, Performance Monitoring & App Distribution.
- (hopefully) a crash-free mobile app.

Rosário Pereira Fernandes

Google Developer Expert for Firebase

Maputo, Mozambique