A guided tour of Microsoft Fabric

Join us on an exciting journey as we dive into Microsoft Fabric to explore the exciting new possibilities. In this session, we will explore the new workload options that Microsoft Fabric brings to the table and demonstrate how they can energize your data analytics experience.

During the guided tour, we will navigate through the key features and functionalities of Microsoft Fabric, and shedding light on its seamless integration with Power BI. We will showcase how this powerful combination allows users to leverage the full potential of their data to gain valuable insights and make data-driven decisions.

Throughout the session, you will discover:
1. Introduction to Microsoft Fabric: Gain a fundamental understanding of the platform and its core principles, highlighting its ability to handle diverse workloads efficiently.
2. Capacities, and how they work. How exactly are they different from what you’re used to with other Azure Data Services?
3. Workload Options: Explore the newly introduced workload options provided by Microsoft Fabric and understand how they complement and enhance Power BI's capabilities.
4. Integration with Power BI: Witness the seamless integration between Microsoft Fabric and Power BI, enabling users to seamlessly transition from data ingestion to data visualization and reporting.

Whether you are a data analyst, business intelligence professional, or an executive looking to unlock the true potential of your data, this session will provide you with valuable insights and practical knowledge about Microsoft Fabric from a Power BI perspective. Join us to discover the next frontier of data analytics and embark on a journey towards data-driven excellence.

Benni De Jagere

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Zoersel, Belgium

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