Pie Charts. Friend or Foe?!

"Pie charts suck!", "Never use pie charts!", or "Can you replace that hideous pie chart?" are probably some of the sentences you've heard when you've proudly presented your latest report to make the corporate data more digestible, or when you've ventured on the wondrous wide world web.

Pie charts have often been at the center of heated conversations between many data visualisation enthusiasts and/or data artists. But do they really need to be "killed with fire", or do they actually serve some good purpose?

During this short lightning talk, we'll discuss the "aha's", "gotchas", and "oh, right .." factors of using a pie chart in your reports. Aimed at making the point that not all pie charts are bad, but they should be used correctly, this will be a fiery rant you don't want to miss.

Benni De Jagere

No coffee? No insights!

Zoersel, Belgium

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