You're a Power BI Admin? Let's get your threads aligned for Fabric!

May 23rd 2023 will be remembered by many as a day that shook the Data & AI ecosystem for Microsoft, potentially even beyond. Many of the Power BI Admins lived their life of dealing with the woes and worries of a reporting environment, until that very day a few things were made public. With the announcement of Fabric, an all-in-one Analytics solutions, covering a whole new range of possibilities, this means Power BI Admins have a lot more ground to cover. But how will they do it? How will they keep up with all the new options and responsibilities.

This session will focus on the life of a Power BI Admin moving over to the extended Fabric realm, and keeping their things in check. We'll look at the familiar topics of capacity and workspace management, and how they align with the new workloads that have been introduced. We'll notice there's a very large overlap, as Fabric has been built on the foundations of Power BI.

To wrap up, we'll look at some of the new tools that were introduced to help you keep an overview of the tenant, and make sure the right data gets to the right people. This means getting an inventory of our tenant settings, and setting up alerts for when something changes, working with the newly introduced Admin Monitoring workspace to have an easy overview of what is happening where.

Walking out of this session, a Power BI Admin should feel more confident about Fabric, and be convinced it can actually make their life easier.

Benni De Jagere

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Zoersel, Belgium

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