Data Governance in the Era of AI

Data is the fuel for digital transformation, but it also poses many challenges for organizations that need to manage, protect, and monitor their sensitive information. How can you ensure that your data is trustworthy, compliant, and secure across your entire data estate? How can you empower your data users to access and analyze the data they need without compromising data quality and governance?

In this workshop, you will learn how Microsoft Fabric, a unified data platform that enables data-driven insights and actions, can help you address these challenges with its built-in governance and compliance capabilities. You will also learn how Microsoft Purview, a comprehensive data governance service, can work seamlessly with Microsoft Fabric to provide end-to-end data governance across your hybrid and multi-cloud environments.

By the end of this workshop, you will be able to:

- Understand the basic building blocks of Microsoft Fabric governance and compliance, such as endorsement, metadata scanning, and lineage.
- Use Microsoft Purview to discover, classify, and protect your Fabric data using sensitivity labels and policies.
- Use Microsoft Purview to create an up-to-date map of your entire data estate that includes data classification and end-to-end lineage.
- Use Microsoft Purview to monitor and report on the activities and compliance status of your Fabric data.

This workshop is designed for data professionals, business analysts, and IT administrators who want to learn how to leverage Microsoft Fabric and Microsoft Purview to govern their data estate effectively and responsibly. To participate in this workshop, you will need a Microsoft Fabric account and a Microsoft Purview account. You will also need basic familiarity with Microsoft Fabric and Microsoft Purview concepts and features.

Erwin de Kreuk

Data Platform MVP | Lead Data and AI |Public Speaker | InSpark | Innovate to Accelerate

Rotterdam, The Netherlands


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