Microsoft Fabric Deep Dive Workshop wth 3 MVP's

Explore the power of Microsoft Fabric in an intensive and informative workshop led by three expert speakers. Together, they will take you on a deep dive into the extensive range of possibilities that Fabric has to offer.

The day begins with a brief introduction, after which the workshop kicks into high gear. From setting up a Medallion Architecture with integrated Data Pipelines and Notebooks to harnessing dataflows, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding.

Discover how to enrich your data with Azure Open AI and then learn how to visualize this information in Power BI and how to implement a proper governance.
Wrapping up the day by setting alerts for your data with the new kid in town Data Activator.

Key Takeaways:
Experience with Data Factory, Data Engineering, Data Science, Data Warehouse, Power BI, and Data Activator.
Basic familiarity with Fabric is recommended.
Additional Notes:
Demonstrations will be provided throughout the journey.
This program offers a comprehensive learning experience for attendees interested in Microsoft Fabric and its applications in data management and analytics. The combination of theoretical overviews and practical demonstrations ensures that participants leave with a thorough understanding of the subject matter. It's a unique and engaging way to learn about these technologies while in transit.

Erwin de Kreuk

Data Platform MVP | Lead Data and AI |Public Speaker | InSpark | Innovate to Accelerate

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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