How to Benefit from Employing Neurodiversity

The same traits that are viewed as problematic in certain environments can be a tremendous advantage for your organization. This talk will explore the topic of neurodiversity with a focus on how to utilize these special gifts and talents as a competitive advantage.

Not planning on hiring anyone new right now? You might be surprised to find that you're already working with differently abled individuals. Many of the most successful leaders and entrepreneurs exhibit ADHD tendencies such as wearing headphones to focus and getting into "the zone". Autistic individuals are known for being excellent at pattern recognition, mathematics, and memorization.

If this makes you want to add some superpowers to your team, keep in mind that with great power comes great responsibility. The neurodiverse can exhibit challenging eccentricities and may require special accommodations to realize their benefits. Your recruitment policies, interview process, and work environment may need to adapt for better access this untapped talent and innovative perspectives.

Whether you're looking to maximize the value of your existing team or tap into the vast pool of unemployed and underemployed neurodiverse population, there's opportunity waiting for those who can make the puzzle pieces fit.

I've designed this version of my presentation as an inspirational and informative keynote that will both introduce the topic of neurodiversity to a broad audience and provide insight into how it can be leveraged from a practical perspective.

Other versions are available which focus more on the science, psychology, and IT-specific applications.

Gaines Kergosien

Empowering Tech Progress: Bridging Innovation, Strategy, and Knowledge

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

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