Bringing developers into the fold (or maybe we don't?)

When we (the ops people) came up with the whole DevOps idea, we dreamed of a world where everybody comes together and do the right thing. But when we look back on a decade of DevOps and consider the rise of the mighty "DevOps Engineer," it seems like we are doing just fine without those pesky developers?! The former system administrator mastered Terraform and Kubernetes and now reigns the seas of production supreme, all by themselves!
But are we, really? In this talk, Baruch will explore the role of developers in the brave new world of DevOps, what they can impact, using what tools, and for what end.
By the end of the talk, we will all decide if we need to bring the developers into the fold and will they do more good than harm.

This is a "keynote style" talk, but obviously, it doesn't have to be a conference keynote. The idea is to make the DevOps crowd think about the role of the developers and their struggle in fitting the DevOps narrative. We'll touch on personal (developer) observability, data, and metadata access, on-call responsibilities and blameless post-mortems, etc.

Baruch Sadogursky

Principal Developer Advocate, JFrog

Nashville, Tennessee, United States

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