DPE Unleashed: A Whimsical Journey to Boost Gradle Developer Productivity with LLMs

Prepare for a unique and whimsical experience as we dive into the world of Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE) to supercharge Gradle-based software development. In this unusual yet engaging talk, we'll embark on an adventurous journey of consulting with Large Language Models (LLMs) for practical tips to optimize Gradle builds and elevate developer productivity.
Our seasoned speaker will lead you through an interactive session, where we'll engage in a lively conversation with the AI-powered LLM. Witness as we seek the LLM's advice on shortening build feedback loops, conquering flaky tests, parallelizing tests, and harnessing build result caching with Gradle.
Expect an intriguing live coding session where we implement the LLM's suggestions and explore how AI can transform the development process. What will be suggested? Who knows! Will it work? Probably not! Will we be able to fix it? You have to be there to see it!
Join us for "DPE Unleashed: A Whimsical Journey to Boost Gradle Developer Productivity with LLMs" and unlock unconventional approaches to elevate productivity. Discover how AI-assisted DPE can revolutionize your Gradle builds, all while keeping the excitement alive with our delightful LLM consulting session. Get ready to embrace the future of developer productivity!

Baruch Sadogursky

Principal Developer Productivity Engineering Advocate, Gradle

Nashville, Tennessee, United States


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