Engineering Success: Empowering Developers through Enhanced Productivity

Developer success encompasses well-being, work-life balance, and workplace culture, but it also hinges on engineering environments and tools. In this talk, we explore how enhancing developer productivity can drive success and satisfaction.

As DevRel team members, we shape the developer experience by collaborating to improve engineering processes and tools. We'll discuss strategies for enhancing tools and adopting new ones that excel in promoting productivity.

In developer relations, our mission includes championing initiatives that benefit developers' productivity and well-being. The concept of "developer productivity engineering" (DPE) unifies our efforts to enhance productivity through engineering practices.

Join us to discover insights and strategies for elevating developer productivity. Whether you're a developer advocate or a DevRel manager, this talk will offer valuable perspectives on fostering a culture that prioritizes developer success. Together, we'll explore how DPE can transform engineering culture, benefiting developers, DevRel teams, and organizations.

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Baruch Sadogursky

Principal Developer Productivity Engineering Advocate, Gradle

Nashville, Tennessee, United States


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