Surviving the Techpocalypse: Empowering Survivors with Developer Productivity Engineering

In these perplexing times, when jobs vanish like ice cream on a hot summer day, tech professionals must find the sweet spot between concern for their affected colleagues and the pressing need to scoop up progress.

Discover Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE), the secret sauce that helps both individuals and companies navigate the labyrinth of layoffs and limited resources with flair. Join us as we trek through a landscape teeming with dispirited engineers and floundering companies, showcasing DPE's power to transform even the most disenchanted developer into a productivity maestro.

By adopting DPE's clever approach, we can face economic instability with unity and a dash of wit, turning sour lemons into a refreshing lemonade of success.

Baruch Sadogursky

Principal Developer Productivity Engineering Advocate, Gradle

Nashville, Tennessee, United States


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