Power Fx - How to make it work for you!

It's been nearly 6 years since I wrote my first Power FX. Back then it was just what you use to write Canvas Apps, now Power Fx is used across many parts of power platform and it's going to grow to every part of our platform.

In this session you will gain the real-world experience and best practice for writing Power Fx, from coding standards to writing functions (yes, it's a thing!), the differences in how Power Fx interacts with its environment, be it Commands, Custom Pages or good old Canvas Apps.

We'll dive deep into patterns and reusable code, improving the syntax of your code, vastly reducing errors in your code and... as if that was not enough, speeding up your development!

If you want to take your Power Fx skills to the next level this is the session for you.

This session is designed for people who have some experience of canvas apps and want to take their Power Fx to the next level. We're going to look a coding standards, functions and coding style to industrialize your code and approach.

Keith Whatling

HSO Solutions Specialist, PowerApps Champ, PowerAddict & Business Applications MVP

Reading, United Kingdom

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