Keith Whatling

Keith Whatling

HSO Solutions Specialist, PowerApps Champ, PowerAddict & Business Applications MVP

Reading, United Kingdom


Starting off as a multimedia geek back in the late '90s and working in almost every field of content creation, Keith has, after a short hiatus from the digital world driving a bus, moved from VBA development (and trying to be a real developer) to PowerApps and the Power platform 6 years ago!

Keith is a Keynote speaker and has spoken at many conferences including: Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2018 & 2019, Ignite, Future Decoded, and Ignite World Tour.

Keith always speaks from first-hand experience and his sessions are always described as 'energetic'.


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft
  • Microsoft Power Apps
  • Microsoft Flow
  • Power Automate
  • Power Apps
  • Power Platform
  • Dynamics 365
  • Dynamics ERP
  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

Selling the Power Platform

Whether it's a single app in your organisation, or you're a partner selling power platform to multi national companies, selling Power Platform can be tough, but it need not be!

Since starting in Power Apps 6 years ago I've had to do one thing for evey app I've built and that's sell it. Internally when I was at a customer or selling apps I've built to customers these are the tips and tricks I've learnt on the way.

Some of this session might surprise you, but it works.

Power Platform the Travellers guide - A roadmap for your enterprise.

We're 6 years in with Power Platform and enterprise customers are adopting at scale. With a bewildering array of components and connectors, it can be daunting to know where to start, let alone know where you're going.

The team at HSO have been at the forefront of leading innovation in their own companies before transitioning over to the Microsoft Partner space to help others achieve meaningful digital transformation. Keith is here to share his experience, vision and lessons learned from the pointy end of the stick.

In this session you will gain an understanding of where to start, what a long-term strategy should be for your business, from how to tie the platform into legacy services at scale to where does power platform sit when replacing your ERP.

This might seem like a silly session however its one of the most common issues when adopting power platform at scale. How does one roadmap the release of power platform in the organization, its almost never is "turn it all on", so is there an ideal way of slowly releasing the platforms components, is there a way of moving workload criticality, from what's in the fridge apps to tier 1 mission critical applications.

Here we'll speak about how we have done this in the real world, we have delivered adoption in every conceivable space Fortune 100's, law enforcement, pharma, defense, transport, banking. The idea is to give them a plan of attack.

Make>New>App - Repeatable Power Apps

I've been making canvas apps coming on 5 years now, I know that pro coders don't start from scratch every time, so I figured out how to do the same with Canvas Apps.

From Components and making their deployment simple to better variables and copy and paste. I've learnt how to build quality apps at speed and I want to share this with you!

This session will help you make more consistent, governable canvas apps with a better end user experience in less time with less errors.

This is no secrets, nothing held back, no magic curtain, this is how work every day!

This is my process for every time I click, Make, New, Canvas App.

In house, consulting or Freelance - What's right for you?

If you're about to come out into the world from Uni or school, if you're in the market for a change of job, what type of work is often as important as for whom and how much!

I've had more jobs than I can easily count over the years, I've been freelance, in house, consulting, I've worked full time, part-time, nights... and everything in between.

I'm joined by a recruiter, who runs a recruitment company, through her efforts as a community champion, Alison has helped lots of our friends make the jump from one work type to another.

In this session I'll lay out the pros and cons of each, each has its benefits, each has its drawbacks. So, if you're on the fence about what type of work you want to take on, for that perfect life balance or that desire to build amazing tech from sun up to sundown, and what you need to do to make yourself attractive to those employers... this is the session for you.

How I found luck.

What to do next with your technical skills? What the next big thing? Where do we go to learn it?

This is a closing keynote, we're going to figure out what comes next and we're going to do it as a whole, as a team and as individuals.

Power Fx - How to make it work for you!

It's been nearly 6 years since I wrote my first Power FX. Back then it was just what you use to write Canvas Apps, now Power Fx is used across many parts of power platform and it's going to grow to every part of our platform.

In this session you will gain the real-world experience and best practice for writing Power Fx, from coding standards to writing functions (yes, it's a thing!), the differences in how Power Fx interacts with its environment, be it Commands, Custom Pages or good old Canvas Apps.

We'll dive deep into patterns and reusable code, improving the syntax of your code, vastly reducing errors in your code and... as if that was not enough, speeding up your development!

If you want to take your Power Fx skills to the next level this is the session for you.

This session is designed for people who have some experience of canvas apps and want to take their Power Fx to the next level. We're going to look a coding standards, functions and coding style to industrialize your code and approach.

Oslo Power Platform and beyond Sessionize Event

May 2022 Oslo, Norway

South Coast Summit 2021 Sessionize Event

October 2021 Southampton, United Kingdom

PowerPlatform Saturday Sweden 2019 Sessionize Event

October 2019 Stockholm, Sweden

Microsoft Business Applications Summit 2019

June 2019 Atlanta, Georgia, United States

Microsoft Business Applications Summit

Microsoft Business Applications Summit

July 2018 Seattle, Washington, United States

Keith Whatling

HSO Solutions Specialist, PowerApps Champ, PowerAddict & Business Applications MVP

Reading, United Kingdom


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