Prompt Engineering for Generative AI: Tips and Tricks

Generative AI models can produce amazing content such as text, images, code, and music from natural language prompts. But how do you write prompts that get the best results from these models? What are the dos and don’ts of prompt engineering?
In this session, you will learn the patterns and approaches for writing effective prompts for large language models. We will cover topics such as:

The basics of prompt engineering: what are prompts, why are they important, and how do they work?

Different types of prompts: direct, example-based, chain-of-thought, and more.

Prompting strategies: how to use constraints, examples, roles, and feedback to guide the model’s output.

Prompt iteration: how to test, refine, and optimize your prompts for different tasks and domains.

By the end of this session, you will have a better understanding of prompt engineering and how to apply it to your own generative AI projects.

Kim Berg

Lead Architect Cloud Solutions & Data/AI Platform @Sogeti | Microsoft AI MVP

Norrköping, Sweden


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