Building a modern web application on Azure, using Blazor and Bicep

This workshop will help you get started building Cloud-native software and Infrastructure as Code for your projects!

You will build a modern web application using Blazor and .NET 6. Once completed, you will create Azure infrastructure using Bicep and run the Blazor app in the Cloud.

Required knowledge:

Even though this is an introductory workshop, you will need to bring some experience writing C# code and a basic understanding of the resource model of Azure.

What you will learn:

In the morning, you will learn to create a basic Blazor web app that uses an Identity Provider to authenticate users and integrates with a message queue inside Azure. The source code will also demonstrate some new C# features.
In the afternoon, you will learn how to use Infrastructure as Code to create the Azure resources needed to run the Blazor web app.

Target audience; software developers and architects just getting started with Blazor and/or Bicep.

Loek Duys

Cloud Architect & CTO @ Xpirit

Amsterdam, Netherlands

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