Event marketing IS Customer Insights - Journeys

Do you run events?
Do you struggle with a multitude of different platforms?
Do you really have control over everything that needs to be done?

Mark Christie and Malin Martnes will take you through some real-life scenarios on how Scottish Summit, Proximo 3 and other customers use Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journey as the hub to run their events and business.

Join them and take a deep dive into the event module of Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journey. They’ll go through;
• Speakers
• Hotels
• Sessions and session tracks
• Email marketing
• Sponsors, vendors, and of course your budget.

After this session, you can create your event and have complete control over it in Dynamics 365 Customer Insights - Journeys.

Malin Martnes

MVP - MaCoTra AS

Oslo, Norway


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