A Real World Introduction to Bots

Bots are a growing rage, but how can you create them? What skills do you need? Is it realistic for you to create a bot for your organization? Is there a real use case that fits your needs? In this feature-packed session, join Mark Rackley as he walks you through multiple options for creating bots that you can deploy anywhere in your environment and get started in the world of bots today! Attendees will learn:

- What makes a bot work behind the scenes, and what options are available to developers
- How to create a bot with QnA Maker and deploy it to Teams without writing a single line of code
- How to create a QnA bot with LUIS, Logic Apps, and Free Azure Websites and how to deploy this bot on any web site or as a Teams application

Mark Rackley

Group Manager, Modern Workplace Architect at Avanade


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