An Introduction to Power Virtual Agents for Microsoft Teams

Over the past few years, it has become increasingly easier to create powerful bots with little to no code. Now almost anyone can quickly create a deploy a chat bot with ease. Power Virtual Agents is a premium add-on to the Power Platform that allows you to create and deploy such bots.

As part of Dataverse (previously called Project Oakdale) many Microsoft 365 subscribers have access to Power Virtual Agents for Microsoft Teams. These chat bots are covered under their Microsoft 365 licensing and require no premium licensing to develop, deploy, or use.

In this session attendees will learn:

1) How to create / deploy chat bots in Teams
2) How to create Topics, use branching logic, and prompt users for input
3) Add even more power to their chat bots using Power Automate flows.

All without any additional licensing!

Mark Rackley

Group Manager, Modern Workplace Architect at Avanade


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