Whether with SharePoint 2016 on-premises or online with Office 365, the landscape has changed. Modern SharePoint Team Sites and Communications Sites have arrived that use SharePoint Framework client web parts, however, many organizations have an extensive library of existing JavaScript customizations that have been developed over the years using Content Editor and Script Editor Web Parts. How do those organizations and developers take advantage of the power and benefits of the SharePoint Framework without spending thousands of hours rewriting everything from scratch? In this session, attendees will discover that not only are their previous efforts not wasted, but they can be enhanced and become more powerful than ever thanks to the SharePoint Framework. Attendees will learn:
- The quickest and easiest way to get going on the SharePoint Framework
- How to convert existing JavaScript customizations to the SharePoint Framework quickly and easily
- How to use properties to allow users to configure client web parts

Mark Rackley

Group Manager, Modern Workplace Architect at Avanade


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