Move Beyond the Basics - Real World Power Automate Workshop

Maybe you know to create an Approval workflow or handle some of the common actions and branching in Power Automate, but what's next? How can you take these foundational skills to help create truly transformative solutions that tackle the more complicated business needs? It's time to go beyond the basics in Power Automate!

In this full-day, demo-intensive workshop, developers and IT Pro's will learn to take the Power Automate skills to the next level in order to:
• Parse data structures
• Execute SharePoint REST queries
• Execute JavaScript / TypeScript and Excel Formulas
• Use Cognitive Services to extract metadata
• How to use Power Automate to create powerful no-code bots for Teams
• Learn how, why, and when to use Logic Apps instead of Power Automate
• and so much more!

Mark Rackley

Group Manager, Modern Workplace Architect at Avanade


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