The Ultimate Introduction to Modern SharePoint and Teams Development for JavaScript Developers

Traditionally in On-Prem and “Classic” SharePoint, developers have been able to create some pretty amazing solutions using a little JavaScript and a Script Editor Web Part. Dynamic dashboards, custom forms, and amazing single page applications that users loved. However, with the introduction of Modern SharePoint development and the SharePoint Framework, it may at first glance appear that all of your previous efforts may have been in vain. And what about development for Microsoft Teams? Do you need to re-tool your entire development team and lose all of the previous productivity gains? Can that code be re-used? How should you proceed? Do you HAVE to learn React and TypeScript? Fear not! Join Mark Rackley in this 1/2 day workshop to learn how to take your current skills and quickly adapt them to this new modern world. In this half day workshop you will learn:
- How to convert your existing JavaScript solutions to the SharePoint Framework
- How to deploy your SharePoint Framework solutions to both SharePoint Online and Teams
- How to get started with the Microsoft Graph to create even more powerful solutions

ALL without having to know TypeScript or React!!!

Mark Rackley

Group Manager, Modern Workplace Architect at Avanade


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