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Loughborough, England, United Kingdom

BBC Micro:Bit - It does (way) more than you think!

This diminutive device may be affordable and have the perception of being aimed at children... But we'll spend the evening changing your mind!

We'll start by introducing the basics of the Micro:Bit including how to create our first program.

Next we'll move on to how to use the built in sensors and I/O.

Once we've got that sorted, we can start looking at the Radio and Serial Communications.

Finally we'll cover more advanced topics including how to extend the Micro:Bit's capabilities with our own Extensions.

After attending this session you'll understand;

BBC Micro:Bit, Microsoft MakeCode, Electronics, GPIO, Servos, Radio and Serial Comms, and how to develop Extensions.

Who this talk is suitable for;

This talk is suitable for anybody with basic programming experience and an interest in a good understanding of the BBC Micro:Bit.

Peter Gallagher

Freelance IoT Consultant at PJG Creations Ltd, Microsoft Azure MVP and MCT, Pluralsight Author... IoT and DevOps expert, dad, gadget addict and Meetup organiser.

Pete Gallagher is a Freelance IoT Consultant at PJG Creations Ltd, a Microsoft Certified Trainer and Azure MVP, Pluralsight Author, experienced public speaker and Meetup organiser.

He has been creating software for decades and is happy programming in just about any language.

Pete has been involved in a wide span of tech in his many years of industry experience, including IoT Projects for; Royal Mail Stamp Vending before there was such a thing as modern IoT, Building Monitoring Systems, Internet Connected Self Service Kiosks, Wildlife Protection and Ecology in Africa and much more.

He has presented internationally on a wide variety of IoT Topics, including the Azure IoT Stack, AI, Robotics, .NET, DevOps, Amazon Alexa, Particle Photon, Arduino etc etc.

Pete helped create the Microsoft AZ220 IoT Developer certification and also has created Pluralsight content to help learners pass the exam.

Pete also organises​ Notts IoT, co-organises Dot Net Notts, Notts Dev Workshop, sits on the Board of LATi, a Loughborough based Advanced Technology networking group, co-organises the Azureish Twitch channel, co-hosts IoTeaLive and is a co-host of the Agile Engineering Podcast.

He is also an active STEM Ambassador and is passionate about making STEM subjects accessible to all ages.

Pete particularly likes gadgets of all kinds!

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