Deploying Web Apps using Config and Infrastructure as Code with Octopus Deploy

In this talk we'll run through how to deploy a multi-tier ASP.NET application using Config and Infrastructure as code with Octopus Deploy.

We'll begin by taking a look at the ASP.NET application and breaking the tiers down.

Next, we'll run through the Octopus Deploy Interface, before looking at the Deployment Process.

We'll then move over to GitHub and look at how we can build the Application and deploy the artifacts to Octopus Deploy for Deployment using GitHub Actions.

We'll then have a look at how we can use Octopus Deploy Runbooks and Infrastructure as code to deploy the required resources to Azure.

Finally, we'll take a look at how we can edit and interact with the Octopus Deploy Config as Code .ocl files.

After attending this talk, you'll have a good understanding of how you can use Config and Infrastructure with GitHub Actions and Octopus Deploy to deploy multi-tier Web Applications to Azure.

Peter Gallagher

Full-Stack Manager at Avanade UK, Microsoft Azure MVP and MCT, Pluralsight Author... IoT and DevOps expert, dad, gadget addict and Meetup organiser.

Loughborough, United Kingdom

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