Using the Microsoft Azure IoT stack to track a simulated flight across Europe

In this session I show you how create a full IoT solution tracking a Simulated Flight across Europe.

The solution combines;

- Azure IoT Hubs
- Device Provisioning Service
- Service Bus
- Logic Apps
- Time Series Insights
- Stream Analytics
- Power Bi

I show how we can take real flight telemetry collected from Flight24, to simulate a flight sending data to an Azure IoT Hub.

We then take this telemetry and route it through various services in Azure showing how we can trigger workflows, give an engineering perspective, and finally produce a complete Dashboard solution to track the whole flight from end to end.

This solution will appeal to folks who are interested in how a real world IoT solutions are architected and operated.

Peter Gallagher

Full-Stack Manager at Avanade UK, Microsoft Azure MVP and MCT, Pluralsight Author... IoT and DevOps expert, dad, gadget addict and Meetup organiser.

Loughborough, United Kingdom

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