Crafting an AI Mixologist Using Semantic Kernel

Prompts play a crucial role in communicating and directing the behavior of Large Language Models (LLMs) AI. They are queries to elicit specific responses from a model. Semantic Kernel is like a mixologist who looks at available ingredients and crafts new cocktail recipes. Semantic Kernel looks at different plugins, AI Prompts, and memory stores to create an execution plan.

Attend this presentation to learn how Semantic Kernel can be used to build a copilot that’s creative enough to suggest new cocktails. We will craft a copilot that understands the ingredients but not the headache, Cheers!

You will learn:

When to use Semantic Kernel?
How to customize your own AI copilot
The Do's and Don'ts in building a copilot

Ron Dagdag

R&D Manager at 7-Eleven and Microsoft AI MVP

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

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