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Ron Dagdag

Ron Dagdag

R&D Manager at 7-Eleven and Microsoft AI MVP

Fort Worth, Texas, United States

Ron Dagdag is a seasoned software artisan with over 20 years of experience in the industry. He currently manages teams of software engineers at 7-Eleven, where he drives the development of innovative solutions in IoT, Cloud, and ML, utilizing his leadership skills.

In addition to his professional responsibilities, Ron is an active member of the tech community, known for his contributions as a Microsoft MVP in AI, Mixed Reality, and IoT. He is recognized as an international speaker, sharing his knowledge and insights on the latest advancements in technology at conferences and virtual meetups. Ron is a maker and tinkerer, with a passion for Augmented Intelligence. @rondagdag


Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Cloud Computing on the Azure Platform
  • internet of things
  • Augmented Reality
  • Virtual Reality
  • Platform as a Service
  • Software Development
  • Intelligent Edge
  • Azure
  • .net
  • JavaScript
  • TypeScript
  • Mixed Reality
  • Iot Edge
  • Microsoft (Azure) IoT
  • Microsoft (Azure) Mixed Reallity
  • Microsoft (Azure) AI + Machine Learning
  • Edge Computing
  • Serverless
  • Metaverse
  • Data Science & AI
  • Azure Data & AI
  • Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft
  • Machine Leaning
  • IoT
  • SQL
  • Computer Vision

On being a good AI Coach

With the advancement in Generative AI and Large Language Models, there's a fundamental shift on how we develop applications. Software engineers are not just building blueprints and code instructions, they are being called to be good AI coaches. Attend this presentation and learn practical strategies to effectively coach an AI systems, allowing it to find the better version of itself.

Predictive Maintenance using ML.NET Model Builder

Predicting the future is not easy! Forecasting peak operating conditions and avoiding unexpected equipment breakdown is possible, that's the goal of Predictive Maintenance. Attend this session and learn how to train a machine learning model in Visual Studio with ML.NET Model Builder, and build an app that uses the model. Fair warning - I cannot predict how live demos would go. I will do my best.

Building AI Agents in Javascript, the Wizardry of Prompt Engineering

Prompts are like magic spells, using words to achieve impossible effects but requiring complex rules. AI agents are like the wizard who consults their spell book to cast a series of spells. AI Agents use a large language model (LLM) as a reasoning engine to determine how to interact with the outside world based on user input. Attend this session to learn how to build AI Agents in JavaScript using LangChain and other prompting techniques. Alohomora!

Mixed Reality for JavaScript developers

Mixed Reality features are available on the web through the use of WebXR. Experience virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) content in a compatible WebXR-enabled browser. Attend this session and leverage the power of JavaScript and web skills to create more engaging Mixed Reality experiences. We will look at popular open-source AR/VR JavaScript libraries available to get started.

Managing IoT Devices in Azure; the simpler way

Collecting telemetry data from devices is a common requirement today for any IoT solution. In this session, we will learn about Azure IoT Central and how it reduces the burden and cost of developing, managing, and maintaining IoT applications. Journey with me as we will walk through different features of IoT Central: connect devices, monitor, configure rules, and integrate with other services. Learn how to customize IoT central to fit the needs.

Exploring the land of IoT on Azure

IoT is not just about "things". What happens after data is collected from smarthomes, factories, electrical grids, buildings, security systems, and other things? The truth is IoT is more than "Internet" than "Things". Attend this presentation and we'll look at high-level architecture of an IoT deployment and how it's implemented in Azure land.

Crafting an AI Mixologist using Semantic Kernel

Prompts play a crucial role in communicating and directing the behavior of Large Language Models (LLMs) AI. They are queries to elicit specific responses from a model.
Semantic Kernel is like a mixologist who looks at available ingredients and crafts new cocktail recipes. Semantic Kernel looks at different plugins, AI Prompts, and memory stores to create an execution plan.
Attend this presentation to learn how Semantic Kernel can be used to build a copilot that’s creative enough to suggest new cocktails. Cheers!

Prompts play a crucial role in communicating and directing the behavior of Large Language Models (LLMs). Semantic Kernel (SK) looks at different plugins, prompts, and memory stores to create a plan. Attend this presentation to learn SK in .NET and build an agent to suggest new cocktails. Cheers!

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Ron Dagdag

R&D Manager at 7-Eleven and Microsoft AI MVP

Fort Worth, Texas, United States