Mastering the Magic: Coaching AI Copilots for Web Developers

Imagine a world where language model prompts function like spells in a wizard's repertoire—utter the right incantation, and voilà, you conjure the desired result. In this metaphorical landscape, AI Copilots are akin to skilled wizards, diligently consulting their magical spell book—in this case, using Large Language Models—to make informed decisions. This session aims to equip you with the skills you need to effectively 'coach' these AI Copilots. Why? Because coaching isn't just about instructing; it's about mastering the alchemy of prompt engineering. And in a world teeming with data and choices, this mastery serves as your Defense Against the Dark Arts, warding off potential pitfalls and guiding you toward successful, spellbinding outcomes. Join us to delve deep into the magical realm of AI coaching and prompt engineering, and elevate your skill set to a wizarding level.

Ron Dagdag

R&D Engineering Manager at 7-Eleven and Microsoft AI MVP

Fort Worth, Texas, United States


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