Let's compose this (web-based) presentation!

Describe your UI for a given state and use events to update said state. This is, in a nutshell, the declarative UI pattern which “eliminates time” (think react, and of course Jetpack Compose). If we describe our application state to be “step X of slide Y”, then it’s easy to see how we can use the declarative pattern to create a web-based presentation framework.
In this live coding, we will first explain how JetBrains Compose for web works and how we can take full advantage of the Compose lingo we already use on Android to create reactive web apps in pure Kotlin.
From a single page, we will then create a presentation framework that takes advantage of the declarative paradigm with Compose for Web. We will describe our slides using our own Kotlin DSL and leave the transitions to the browser via CSS.
Each new slide will build on what we created for the previous one, until we have created a full declarative presentation framework, and a presentation declaring it!

Salomon Brys

Kodein Koders

Paris, France


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