Sarah Lean

Microsoft Azure Azure IaaS

Glasgow, United Kingdom

Avoid the Wild West!

Avoid the scenario where you are not in control of what is being deployed within your Azure subscriptions or what your costs are.

Come to this session and understand how you can use tools and policies to control what your employees can (and cannot) deploy within Azure, how you can monitor and manage your costs, and ensure services deployed are compliant with your business guidelines.

We will also cover off how you can use things like Azure Automation to help control costs and cover off daily tasks.

This is a 45min/1hour presentation

Sarah Lean

Cloud Solution Architect with Microsoft

Sarah has over 12 years experience within the IT industry, currently she is a Cloud Solution Architect for Microsoft based in the UK. With experience of both on premise and cloud solutions Sarah is able to understand the big picture and help businesses implement the right IT strategy for the future. Involved in the IT community she founded the Glasgow Azure User Group in May 2017.

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