Sarah Lean

Information & Communications Technology

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Glasgow, Scotland, United Kingdom

DevOps for the IT Pro

DevOps is often something that is advertised and talked about as something only Developers should be doing or can do.

Tools like Octopus Deploy are great for deploying software, but what about the IT Pro? Octopus Deploy has features and functionality that are great for the IT Pro who is working with PowerShell, Az CLI, Azure Bicep, Terraform and beyond.

In this session, we'll take a look at the possibilities of DevOps and what it has to offer the IT Pro. We'll take practical and real world examples and show you how to use Octopus Deploy as an IT Pro and introduce DevOps practices to your enterprise.

Sarah Lean

Senior DevOps Advocate at Octopus Deploy - Community Speaker - Lifelong Learner - Founder of the Glasgow Azure User Group

With a diverse career that spans over eighteen years, Sarah has been a part of every aspect of the IT world. Sarah is a Microsoft Certified Trainer (MCT) and ex-Microsoft employee.

Born and raised on a dairy farm in Scotland, Sarah holds true to her heritage by embracing the natural world through her appreciation for technology. For Sarah, technology is a way to see life as it grows and adapts, ever-changing, just like the natural world of farming.

Sarah is proud to give back to her community. As a STEM Ambassador, Sarah helps others learn how IT can impact and change their lives for the better. Most specifically, she enjoys teaching the next generation of young women how they too can rise in a male-oriented field and succeed in their own careers. Sarah also founded the Glasgow Azure User Group, a community collective who meets bimonthly to network and discuss the latest in technology.

Sarah’s enthusiasm in the field of technology has given her the opportunity to speak at public events, most notably, Microsoft Ignite.

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