Fabric vs. Sharepoint - Extract your data as they should be

Although Sharepoint is not a database, many companies use it that way. It doesn't matter if we are talking about "files" or "lists." It is still a carrier of data we may need for further insight.

Today, we have three main ways to get this data into the Fabric environment. But which of them is optimal? Can I do the same in all three? Will we get all the data in the proper form? These and other questions are precisely the ones we will be interested in during this session.

So, what options do we have? Pipelines, Dataflows, and Notebooks. The last-mentioned variant can be exciting because, at that moment, you are not limited and can do anything with the obtained data.

Ready? Here we go!

Štěpán Rešl

Data Platform MVP | Managing partner & Lead technical consultant at DataBrothers

Prague, Czechia


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