Exposing and Consuming RESTful Streaming APIs With .NET

RESTful APIs are the most common type of APIs. Larger and larger amounts of data are being transferred over them, and it leads to problems. Almost every API developer heard that users were getting irritated when waiting for data to show up or had to deal with high resource consumption (e.g. memory).

I've been there. I was building APIs for SaaS products which were serving a lot of data under heavy load. And probably as the majority of developers, I was solving those problems through a compromise solution - paging. But in pursuit of a better solution, I've learned that there is an alternative. A mechanism that we often use in our backend code can be also exposed through a RESTful API - streaming.

Join me and learn how you can expose and consume your objects through RESTful Streaming APIs. You will see what are the differences between doing it on a connection level and using a dedicated format. You will also learn when not to do it.

Tomasz Pęczek

Staff+ Engineer • Software Architecture Facilitator • Microsoft MVP

Kraków, Poland


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