Tomasz Pęczek

Information & Communications Technology

Kraków, Poland

With great power comes great responsibility - using HTTP/2 responsibly

The Web is migrating to HTTP/2. It’s not a surprise as it brings new features and performance improvements. But every new technology should be approached with consideration. HTTP/2 is no different.

A lot has been written about new features in HTTP/2 and performance improvements it's bringing, so you have probably read some of it (don't worry if you didn't, there will be a brief recap). But we all know there is nothing for free in IT (and especially Web) world. There are no "no brainers" or "silver bullets". This talk focuses on what to consider to get the most out of HTTP/2 without hurting yourself or your users in the process.

Duration: 45m - 1h

Previously given at/Will be given at:
- DevConf PL 2018

Tomasz Pęczek

Software developer and passionate

Developer, blogger, speaker and open source author/contributor focused on Web Development in the context of ASP.NET (Core) platform. For more than 10 years he has been creating web applications for health care, banking or e-learning industries. Currently, he works at Oracle as an applications architect where his main areas of responsibility are web applications performance and security. Microsoft MVP in Visual Studio and Development Technologies category.


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