DPE Starts in the IDE: Maximizing Developer Productivity with IntelliJ IDEA

This talk presents an exploration of Developer Productivity Engineering (DPE) within the realm of Integrated Development Environments (IDEs), focusing on IntelliJ IDEA. The goal of DPE is to optimise developers' efficiency and productivity in order to increase creativity and happiness. A happy and creative team creates quality code faster.

In this session, Trisha and Helen will demonstrate the powerful features of IntelliJ IDEA, like its intelligent coding assistance, integrations, and framework support, which all enable faster feedback, toolchain integration, application quality, and seamless troubleshooting. Additionally, IntelliJ IDEA provides you with numerous collaboration and sharing tools to help the whole team work together effectively.

Attendees will gain a deeper understanding of the functionality in IntelliJ IDEA that helps them to be effective, productive, and happy, and appreciate how the principles of DPE are present in your IDE. Trisha and Helen want you to look at your toolchain and ask yourselves “does this help me to be more creative and happy?”

Brand new talk. Planning to co-present this with Helen Scott. This is ~45 min conference talk, with live demos, pair programming and slides.

Trisha Gee

Engineer, author, keynote speaker, developer champion, catalyst.

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