Surviving Cyber Attacks: 2024 Edition

You've probably been hacked already, and you don't even know it. Now what?

In today's rapidly evolving digital ecosystem, the notion that any system or application is "unhackable" is not just outdated - it's perilously naive. As we venture deeper into 2024, the cybersecurity domain is witnessing an unprecedented proliferation of sophisticated threats, from AI-manipulated attacks to insidious ransomware campaigns targeting our most critical infrastructures.

This session is an urgent wake-up call, designed to shatter any lingering complacency. We will look at how Digital Transformation, propelled by the pandemic and the mass shift to remote work, has expanded vulnerabilities and introduced new attack vectors, making the question "Now what?" more relevant than ever.

Tudor Damian

Cybersecurity & Cloud Advisor @ D3 Cyber

Cluj-Napoca, Romania


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