Sean Wheeler

Sean Wheeler

Principal Content Developer - PowerShell

Denton, Texas, United States


Since 2017, I have been the lead documentarian for PowerShell. I ensure that users have the content they need. I also support and encourage the PowerShell Community to add value via open-source contributions to the documentation. In my 25+ years at Microsoft, I have taught many workshops on scripting, debugging, and advanced troubleshooting. Using my scripting expertise, I created tools to help customers collect and analyze data used to support and optimize their environments.

Area of Expertise

  • Environment & Cleantech
  • Information & Communications Technology


  • PowerShell
  • technical writing

Optimize your PowerShell user experience

In this session, I show you tips and tricks for customizing your PowerShell terminal and command-line environment. I show how to create custom prompts, customize keybindings, and manage colorized output. I also show how to enable and use command predictors and advanced help features.

Markdown best practices

Markdown is becoming the lingua franca for producing online documentation. In this session, I provide a brief introduction to Markdown, its importance, and basic markup. I show how we use Visual Studio Code (VS Code) and the various extensions to write documentation at Microsoft. I will talk about best practices, including the importance of style guides, proper formatting of Markdown for readability and maintainability, and why we chose the rules we use.

If you are getting started with a documentation project or want to improve your documentation process, this is the session for you.

Learn the basics of Git and GitHub workflow

In this presentation, I cover the essentials of setting up and configuring Git for efficient version control. I show how to install and use the posh-git module, a versatile Git integration for PowerShell. I illustrate the Git and GitHub Workflow, covering concepts like repositories, commits, and pull requests, and show how they all fit together. I discuss the process of forking a repository and cloning it to your local machine. This essential skill will enable you to contribute to projects and collaborate effectively with others.

Make a PowerShell profile that runs on any version or platform

PowerShell runs across multiple OS platforms and multiple versions on Windows. It can be difficult to manage your profile scripts across the different platforms and versions. Not all features are available on all platforms or in multiple versions.

In this presentation I will show you how to create a single profile script that is version and platform aware, and configures your PowerShell environments the same across all platforms.

Improving Shell usability - Crescendo

a. Crescendo is a framework to rapidly develop PowerShell cmdlets for common command line tools, regardless of platform. Come join Jason Helmick and Sean Wheeler and learn about the improvements and community based features of the latest release!

Contribute to Docs like a Microsoft Insider

What do you really know about the documentation for PowerShell and Azure PowerShell?

Come learn about what's new, how the docs are organized, and how to contribute to the documentation like a pro.

I will cover:
• Why you should contribute
• The tools we use
• Basic Git/GitHub workflow
• Writing to our style and formatting guidelines

This is session is a great intro for the live Hack-a-doc session on Thursday where you can submit documentation updates, get in-person help and feedback, and see your change published live.

SQL Saturday Baton Rouge 2023 Sessionize Event

July 2023 Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States

PowerShell + DevOps Global Summit 2023 Sessionize Event

April 2023 Bellevue, Washington, United States

Sean Wheeler

Principal Content Developer - PowerShell

Denton, Texas, United States


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