Tim Cadenbach

Tim Cadenbach

Developer Evangelist @ DeepL.com, co-creator of WeAreDotnet.io. Tech nerd, Leader, Coder, Gamer, Husband, Dad. Not necessarily in this order :)

Bochum, Germany

Working with Microsoft technologies since VB6 I've been there, and done that. These days I'm spreading the word for DeepL, working with third parties and customers using our API Product but also various community activities such as the WeAreDotnet portal and other things. Another thing I really enjoy doing is helping fellow developers in whatever way is good, mentoring or coaching, writing blog posts, building SDKs, and anything that helps make someone's work day a bit more enjoyable.


Area of Expertise

  • Business & Management
  • Information & Communications Technology
  • Media & Information


  • .NET (Core) development
  • Vue Js
  • Epic Software
  • #Microsoft
  • Teamwork
  • Adaptive Cards
  • Rasepi
  • OData
  • Modern APIs

OpenSource is not free software

Many people these days think of OpenSource as "Free Software" that's just flying around readily available for anyone to use, saving time and money. True to an extent but that's only half the picture. Some of the most famous open-source packages such as Core-JS to name one cause some serious issues for the maintainers but there are also quite a few success stories from the market.

Let's do a quick journey through OpenSource, meet some of the famous guys in the market and talk about their struggles keeping projects such as Log4J and many others alive.

Hear about some war stories from the whole market, some learning experiences, and what you can do to help the entire OpenSource market to stay alive and healthy.

I'm a developer working in marketing, here's why!

Many of you have probably heard about terms like Developer Evangelist, Developer Advocacy, or similar terms but do you actually know what that's about or why it's getting more and more important for any software business trying to recruit employees and third-party developers?

I'd like to talk about why Developer Evangelism is one of the most important things to do these days, why teaching others can be more rewarding than working on software yourself, why sharing knowledge is the key to a healthy relationship for any cloud business, and how all that's related to employer branding as well.

In more than 25+ years of software development, I've been there and done that. It's time to talk about what do to with all that knowledge and experience!

Be prepared for an educational, sometimes funny, satirical yet helpful journey towards Developer Evangelism, open-source, employer branding, and other related topics.

Instant APIs with .NET

Ever wanted to build CRUD API's with .NET lightning fast while still being in charge of everything?

In this session i'd like to demonstrate a growing open source project that enables you to build full API's in seconds, heavily reducing the amount of boilerplate code you have to write. Effectively giving you more time to concentrate on what matters, your business logic and model.

Based on .NET Core, Entity Framework you'll learn how to write an API by just writing JSON or a simple class, how to further advance the API with custom events and validations and how to deploy it to Azure.

Adaptive Cards today

Lets talk about the state of AdaptiveCards, where are they today, what can you do with them, and how is this related to MS Teams and Power Platform?

.NET DeveloperDays 2022

October 2022 Warsaw, Poland

WeAreDevelopers World Congress 2022

June 2022 Berlin, Germany

Teams Nation 2022

March 2022

TeamsCommunityDay 2022

January 2022 Köln, Germany

Tim Cadenbach

Developer Evangelist @ DeepL.com, co-creator of WeAreDotnet.io. Tech nerd, Leader, Coder, Gamer, Husband, Dad. Not necessarily in this order :)

Bochum, Germany