Wesley Haakman

Information & Communications Technology

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Hardenberg, Overijssel, Netherlands

Wesley Haakman

Microsoft Azure MVP | Lead Azure Architect @ Intercept | CISSP

Wesley is a Microsoft Azure MVP and is working as a Lead Azure Architect at Intercept. His day to day activities include designing, implementing and optimizing Azure solutions. When he’s not working on a project, he’s giving a workshop, training or test-driving new Azure features. As a big advocate of Infrastructure as Code, DevOps, Governance and Security you will probably hear him talking about any of these subjects at least a few times a day (or hour). If you want to talk Azure, get in touch!

Current sessions

Help! Our Developers are using Kubernetes!

Kubernetes and containers are often something that developers pick up quite fast. As Ops you're still confronted with a platform you might be less familiar with. What are the very basic things from an Ops perspective you need to understand? How does an Ingress work and what's the deal with services and those pods. Ever thought your update scenario through? Let's look at the best practices you need to set up before you end up with cluster redeployment after cluster redeployment to fix things before it goes into production. This session is meant to help Ops get up to speed with Azure Kubernetes Services and dig through it's capabilities. Because really.. You can do some awesome stuff with AKS.

Building and managing landing zones with Azure Blueprints and Azure DevOps

Infrastructure as Code doesn’t have to be complicated. But getting started can be quite overwhelming. During this session we’ll go from a design first approach with Azure Blueprints to a fully automated deployment with Blueprints as Code and Azure DevOps. Based on a use case and demos Wesley will take you through the steps required to build and manage your landing zones and implement guard rails early in the process. We will look at both single tenant as well as multi customer (cross-tenant) scenarios.

Duration: 45 - 60 minutes
Live Demos

Azure Lighthouse: Managing environments at scale

It doesn't stop at delegated resource management. Azure Lighthouse touches the very core of ARM and is key to manage, monitor, deploy and govern environments at scale.

Having that single pane of glass is something we all want to achieve. Especially if you're responsible for managing multiple tenants and subscriptions for your business or your customers.

Wesley will highlight the use cases for cross tenant management and show you multiple ways to implement automation, monitoring and governance using Azure Lighthouse technologies.

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Live Demos

Simplifying your life with Azure Resource Graph

Managing Azure Resources at scale can be quite the task. Whether you want to build a dashboard or assess the impact of applying policies, Azure Resource Graph is your go-to tool for evaluating the Governance of the Azure Environments you manage.
During this session Wesley will take you on a deep dive into the capabilities that Azure Resource Graph provides. Starting with writing simple queries and moving on to automating the detection and inspection of changes in your environment leveraging the change history functionality. We will focus on single tenant and cross-tenant management leveraging Azure Lighthouse and Delegated Resource Management.

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Live Demos

Deploy ARM Templates using GitHub Actions

Deploying ARM Templates using GitHub Actions. How does it work and what are your options? We'll look into building a workflow to deploy your ARM Templates using GitHub Actions in multiple ways. We'll talk about the pros and cons and illustrate the different options with demos.

Duration: 45-60 minutes
Live demos

Past and future events


15 Jun 2020
's-Hertogenbosch, North Brabant, Netherlands

Azure Thursday

Azure Thursday, delivering a session on Azure Blueprints as Code in combination with Azure DevOps
14 Nov 2019
Nieuwegein, Utrecht, Netherlands

Microsoft Cloud User Group - Manchester

Meetup of the Microsoft Cloud User Group in Manchester. Delivering a session on Azure Lighthouse
29 Oct 2019
Manchester, New Hampshire, United States

Oktober 2019 Microsoft & Security NL meetup

Delivered a session on Azure Blueprints and using Blueprints to improve compliance, implement Guard Rails and work with Landing Zones
17 Oct 2019
Rotterdam, South Holland, Netherlands

Constant Call for Speakers - MC2MC events

20 Jan 2019 - 20 Jan 2029