Joran Quinten

Joran Quinten

Interaction developer

Veghel, Netherlands

Jorans passion involves getting people to love technology and getting technology to play nice. He works as an interaction developer with ♡ for web, tech, science & tinkering with stuff. Focussed on innovation at Jumbo Supermarkten. Writes, tweets and speaks every now and then.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Web Development
  • Vue
  • Agile Mindset
  • Nuxt
  • Frontend Architecture
  • Engineering Culture
  • Frontend
  • Software Engineering Management
  • Vue Js
  • Front-End Development

Why the Developer Experience matters for business

Your typical loyal customer journey might take less than an hour on your platform. But your development team however, spends significantly more time on your product. Every. Single. Day. That's why you should focus on the DX as well as the UX.

Maintaining a component library at scale

At Jumbo Supermarkten we use Vue for our frontend development. To speed up application building, we've created and maintain a component library. Within our frontend chapter, we're making a point of everybody being involved in the maintenance and development of the library. What did we do to facilitate this? And what problems did we need to solve? How is this helping cross domain communications? How are we dealing with the Vue3 update? Come find out!

Building a frontend platform with Nuxt

At Jumbo Supermarkten, we're building our own frontend platform to facilitate individual scrum teams working independently on the stuff that matters while maintaining a omni channel experience across our landscape.

Nuxt as the Backbone of Scalable E-Commerce

Talk on how Nuxt can fit in with enterprise scale architectures. I gave an inspirational talk about how we at Jumbo Supermarkten have devised a platform to publish our E-Commerce.

It starts with a bit of context and a short history, where we will start to apply the changes that are needed to move to the newly built platform.

Not a technical deep dive, and no in-depth technical knowledge needed to be applicable.

Gotta have more cowbell

Talk, with some live coding, on how to learn new tech concepts and ideas by showcasing a small side project. Learning tech is important and therefore should be fun!

Uses sound and is targeted at javascript developers. Takes about 20&30 minutes

The Voice of the Web

The Web Speech API offers a couple of interesting and possibly useful APIs to play around with and to create interesting web applications, and at the least some out of the box possibilities. In the session we'll investigate use cases of using the API, and some examples in dealing to text to speech synthesis and using voice as an input.

This is a native javascript / webAPI talk and depends on the availability of sound. It's not highly technical and serves as a change of perspective and out of the box thinkings.


While JavaScript is one of the most popular and omnipresent programming languages, it's wonderfully weird and quirky.

In this entry level talk we'll take a look at a couple of common pitfalls and outright crazy behavior.

We'll end on a positive note though, to find resources to mitigate risks and apply tooling to maintain a level of sanity.

Target audience is entry to medior level JavaScript developers. Talk has a whimsical touch as well and is meant as light-hearted content.

A Vue performance

Everybody wants to be the fast, faster or vite, because we know performance matters in terms of user experience and conversions.

We're going to talk about what you can do in order the get insights on your applications' performance and what measures you can take in order to improve the user experience by either improving perceived or actual performance.

This talk can be considered medior level because we will assume basic knowledge of the VueJS & NuxtJS ecosystem. We will discuss third party tooling but also concepts as lazyloading, hydration, ssr and ssg

Spice up your app with AI!

This is a bit of a live coding session where we explore some of the OpenAI features, such as GPT-3 conversations and Dall-E image generation.

This is an inspirational session on the possibilities of using AI endpoints to enrich you app. The example app will be built using VueJs & NuxtJs, since they offer good readability for everybody.


Largest online Nuxt related conference where up to 20.000 fellow Nuxt & Vue Developers learn everything Nuxt.js has to offer in 2022!

November 2022

Frontmania 2022

October 2022 Utrecht, Netherlands

VueJs Amsterdam

The Most Special & Largest Vue Conference in the World is a 2 Day Vue Conference in the with over 1,100 People flying from over 50 Countries in the World. Vuejs Amsterdam is the must-attend Vue Community Event & Event of the year.
30 professionals educating you on how to level up as a Vue Developer via Core Team Updates, Industry Releases and Case Studies.

June 2022 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Joran Quinten

Interaction developer

Veghel, Netherlands