Joy Apple

Joy Apple

The Joy of SharePoint - Microsoft MVP & Modern Work Strategist

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Joy Apple is a Microsoft MVP and Director of Partner and Customer Success at Orchestry.
As a seasoned information technologist, Joy strives to ensure technology is implemented with a purpose-driven, “human-first” approach. Teaching is one of her passions, and Joy finds personal and professional fulfillment volunteering in the Microsoft Community, speaking and educating others on best practices for success with Microsoft 365.
During her time as a SharePoint/Microsoft 365 consultant and trainer Joy has had the opportunity to work across industries, including government and our armed services.
When Joy isn’t working with the Orchestry team or speaking or writing as the “Joy of SharePoint,” she can probably be found at a music venue or the newest fun spot in Tulsa, Oklahoma.

Area of Expertise

  • Information & Communications Technology


  • Microsoft 365
  • SharePoint
  • Microsoft Teams
  • Collaboration
  • Microsoft 365 Strategy
  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Modern Sharepoint Intranets
  • Modern SharePoint
  • Microsoft Viva
  • Employee Happiness
  • digital employee experience
  • Employee Engagement
  • Employee Communication

How to Win Friends (in the Business) and Solve Problems

Do you hate talking to people? Do you wish you could simply deploy a tool and move on to the next "problem"? Do you long for the olden days where the business left you alone?

During this session, Jay and Joy will help you look like you care (because we know you really do) about business needs, to fine tune your technological solutions, and ensure the successful adoption of these tools in helping your company succeed.

1. Care for the business
2. Deploy cool technology
3. ...
4. Profit

Staying Live in a Virtual World

The rapid shifts to virtual, and now to hybrid work, have taken their toll on employees everywhere. Microsoft has evolved the platform to help us keep up with the evolution of work.

From Viva Insights' to rich capabilities to Teams' features allowing us to sync asynchronously with teammates, hybrid work doesn’t have to feel “remote.” And everything doesn’t have to be a meeting.

Let’s dive into some of the tools and methods available in Microsoft 365 that help us stay focused, sane, and live in this virtual world.

The Architecture is Flat!

For years science has argued that your Information Architecture should follow your organizational structure and intranets have been built accordingly. However, Flat Architecturers Joy & Jay are here to break the conspiracies and show Flat Architecture is not only possible, but it works! Come join this INTERACTIVE session where they will indoctrinate you in the methods of building a flat architecture for M365.

For real though, here's what you'll learn:
• Why is a Flat Architecture the best practice for M365?
• How do you go from Nested to Flat?
• How is this best for business users? Admins? Security? Knowledge Management?

The Architecture is Flat! Interactive Workshop

For years science has argued that your Information Architecture should follow your organizational structure and intranets have been built accordingly. However, Flat Architecturers Joy & Jay are here to break the conspiracies and show Flat Architecture is not only possible, but it works!
Come join this INTERACTIVE workshop where, through their indoctrination, you will build a flat architecture for M365 using their Flat Architecture Society example.
For real though, here is what you'll get hands-on learning for:
• How Teams, OneDrive, and other M365 apps work with SharePoint to create 3 dimensional information architecture
• How to go from Nested to Flat including sites, libraries, and Teams architecture
• Why Flat Architecture is the best practice for M365
• How Records and Information Management best practices have changed to support this model
• How this is best for everyone, from business users to knowledge managers and from admins to security

TMO (Too Many Options) In M365?

Is the confusion of TMO (Too Many Options) in M365 getting to you?
SharePoint, Teams, OneDrive, Yammer, Outlook... When do we use what for communication? Collaboration?
In this session Joy will break down our Microsoft 365 options and bring clarity on how the M365 tools work better together for collaboration. We'll address leveraging our "Swiss Army Knife" of applications to be better equipped when communicating with the various audiences we interact with day in and day out.

Teams-Work Makes the Dream Work

Proper Teams governance provides admin-level control while allowing for productivity and creativity in Office 365.
Facilitate communication without compromising on business policies!
In this session Joy T. Apple, aka Joy of SharePoint, will lean on her years of experience in strategy and planning to help guide the discussion—and answer your questions—on the following governance challenges and more:
• Architecture considerations
• Governance considerations
• Who should create teams
• Guest access
• Channel security

Rethinking Intranet Navigation. Hub Sites for the Modern World

We all miss our old, trusty global navigation; modern site architecture calls for a change in how we think about organizing and connecting to our sites and information. But there’s good news: Hub sites can help us get back consistency in our intranet navigation as we flatten out our architecture.

In this session we'll discover what Hub sites are, what they aren’t, and best practices for leveraging them in modern architecture.
We'll also walk through utilizing the new Global Navigation feature and see how Viva Connections surfaces the Global Nav in Teams!

Teams In The Architecture

Microsoft Teams is revolutionizing how we collaborate in business. However, many organizations struggle with their Teams implementation due to complexities and misunderstandings of how Teams impacts their Architecture.
This session will cover how we can architect our intranet with Teams in mind, not only to reduce duplication of sites, but to use existing team sites with Microsoft Teams.
We'll also discuss:
• How Microsoft Teams fits into intranet architecture
• Security best practices for Teams (and SharePoint)
• Implications of private and shared channels
• Enhancing teamwork with Teams
• How tabs and connectors help us turn channels into true hubs for teamwork

60 - 90 minutes

Requirements: From Beginning to Teams

Why do business users go rogue and implement 3rd party software without running it by IT?
Lack of awareness of IT offerings, frustration of waiting for solutions to be implemented, or maybe they don’t know how to approach IT with their needs:
• Collaboration
• Sharing
• Notifications
• Messaging
• Workflow

This workshop is designed to step IT Professionals and Business Decision Makers through a typical requirements gathering session.
IT pros will learn how to better gather and interpret business needs. Business Decision Makers will gain insight on how IT gathers requirements and learn how to better communicate their needs to IT.

After gathering requirements through interactive discussion, I’ll walk you through delivering requirements to our business by leveraging both SharePoint and Teams functionality. During the build out, we’ll also see how Teams and other Microsoft 365 applications can reduce application sprawl (and costs) for the organization.

Workshop duration 90 mins - 2 hours

Building Intelligent Intranet Using Microsoft Teams, SharePoint, and Yammer!

A lot has changed since Microsoft began recommending flat information architecture for modern SharePoint intranets.
In this session we’ll discuss:
• The advantages of flat information architecture
• How hub sites provide consistent navigation and content rollups
• How Teams connected team sites play a role in the intranet
• Using Yammer to engage employees
• Creating a single-pane-of-glass experience for employees with Microsoft Viva

This session can run between 45-60 mins.

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Joy Apple

The Joy of SharePoint - Microsoft MVP & Modern Work Strategist

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States